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How to buy a Steam game in Russia in 2023?

After restrictions were introduced regarding Russian players, the latter began looking for workarounds to use the platform's familiar features. And there are many such ways, despite the fact that many believe that you cannot buy a game on Steam in Russia. This material is intended to debunk this myth. We explain in detail the existing opportunities today. For convenience of study, we will divide them into three components:

  • Buying games from Russia;
  • Buying games from Kazakhstan;
  • Buying games from Turkey.

How to buy unavailable games in Russia via Steam

If you do not plan to relocate yourself (or at least change the region of your game account), then the following options for buying Steam games in Russia are still open to you:

  • Buying game keys;
  • Buying Steam gifts;
  • Wallet top up.

Now let's take a closer look at how this works in practice.

Buying keys

The easiest way to purchase Steam games is to buy keys. For example, the latest PC versions of games that were previously exclusive to Sony consoles can be found on third-party platforms such as Plati, as well as official distributors such as Buka. The company provides keys for projects like Spider-Man, the Uncharted collection, Returnal, and the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game.

However, it should be noted that Steam games unavailable in Russia cannot be obtained in this way. Some publishers even restrict key activation in the region, which can make purchasing some games, such as Mortal Kombat 1 and other projects from Warner Bros., impossible.

Before purchasing keys, always carefully read the product description and reviews from other buyers. In addition, it is recommended to use only proven platforms to reduce the risk of running into scammers.

Buying Steam gifts

Another convenient way is to purchase the game in the form of a gift. The principle is very simple: you contact the seller, add them to your friends list on Steam, and then automatically receive the game as a gift from their account.

This method has its advantages, as it bypasses additional fees and blocking risks. Again, be sure to check the product description and make sure the correct region for your account is selected. In addition, pay attention to the seller's rating and latest feedback.

Of the disadvantages: the same drawback as for the previous method. Purchasing Steam games in Russia in this way is not always successful. Some games may be blocked by Steam due to the large price difference between regions or other restrictions. Therefore, with each new release, it is recommended to check if the project in question is available for purchase as a gift.

Third-party sellers often offer to purchase the game along with region change. However, you should be careful and read the product description carefully, especially if there is a risk of blocking due to virtual migration.

Topping up Steam Wallet

With Visa and Mastercard payment systems leaving Russia, purchasing Steam games in Russia in 2023 using bank cards has become impossible. The only option left is wallet top up. This can be done independently or through third-party sellers.

Over the past year, many platforms have appeared on the Internet that offer services for topping up a game wallet. This method is quite suitable for you if you find that you cannot buy a Steam game in Russia. The process is quite simple: you specify your account login, enter the required amount and see the total transaction amount including fees.

If the terms suit you, you pay with your regular bank card and then purchase the desired game using Steam Wallet funds. This method is available, for example, on the Kupikod website.

Before topping up your wallet, be sure to double check that you entered your account login, not the nickname you came up with. You can find the login by clicking on your login in the upper right corner of the Steam client program, and then you will see your account name.

If you do not want to trust third party websites and avoid additional fees, you can top up your wallet yourself before buying unavailable Steam games in Russia. The most popular and proven way is to use the QIWI website. To do this, create a QIWI account and complete verification in your account settings. Then top up your ruble account using a bank card, find Steam in the search and select it. As of June 29, 2023, QIWI allows you to transfer money directly to the ruble Steam account, without the need to use workarounds through Kazakhstan.

Enter your Steam login. It is important to use your account login that you use to log into the app, not your nickname. You can find the login by clicking on your login in the upper right corner of Steam and selecting "About Account". Then select the desired amount in rubles and make the payment. Soon your account will have a ruble amount, although it may be slightly less due to conversion and fees.

"Relocation" of Steam: How to Buy Games in Russia with Turkish or Kazakh Accounts

The departure of major publishers from Russia has made many games unavailable for purchase. When you try to open a game page, you may see a message saying "this product is not available in your region" and be prompted to return to the store.

This has dissatisfied many Russian gamers, who have started virtual migration to other regions, especially Turkey and Kazakhstan, in order to regain paid and free Steam games unavailable in Russia. In these countries, games are relatively inexpensive, especially in Turkey, and there are no problems with replenishing the account.

Services for changing regions can be found on many different forums and marketplaces for the sale of virtual services, including Plati and Funpay. The principle is that you provide your login and password to the seller, who then makes the transaction using a bank card from another country, automatically transferring your account to the new region. As a result, the currency in the store changes, and games that were previously unavailable become available again. This process usually costs around 200 rubles.

It is important to note that this method of purchasing a game through Steam in Russia violates Valve's rules. The company can block your account if you try to circumvent restrictions and blocks. Use this method at your own risk.

How to buy Steam games unavailable in Russia with a Kazakh account?

The Kazakh Steam offers similar options and capabilities, similar to the Russian version, both in prices and payment methods. You can read about how to create a Kazakh account on Steam in our separate article with step-by-step instructions here.

In some cases, game prices in Kazakhstan may differ from Russian ones, being slightly higher or lower. Next, we look at the methods that can be used to get blocked Steam games in Russia.

Buying Keys

Buying keys is a simple and common way to purchase Steam games. The difference between Kazakhstan and Russia is that activating keys for the CIS region in Kazakhstan is allowed. This means that you can use a Kazakh account to activate keys, including those Russian Steam games in Russia that may have previously been blocked, for example, from Warner Bros., such as Mortal Kombat 1 or Hogwarts Legacy - a Harry Potter-themed RPG.

When purchasing keys, it is always important to carefully read the product description and reviews from other buyers. To reduce the risk of fraud, keys should only be purchased on trusted platforms.

Buying games as gifts

Another convenient way to purchase games is to buy them as gifts. The principle is familiar to you: contact the seller, add them as a friend on Steam, and the game will come to you as a gift from their account.

This method also avoids additional fees and does not carry the risk of account blocking after receiving a game that is not on Steam in Russia. Again, always carefully read the product descriptions and make sure your account region is specified correctly. In addition, always pay attention to the seller's rating and recent feedback.

It should also be noted that friends can also gift you games from accounts in other countries, which can be useful.

Replenishing your Steam Wallet

Replenishing your Steam wallet in Kazakhstan can be done similarly to how it is done in Russia. You can use third-party platforms that allow you to top up your account. This process involves entering your login, choosing the desired amount, and determining the final cost including fees.

For example, the Kupikod website provides the ability to select Kazakhstan as the country for the account, which automatically converts the currency to tenge. After depositing funds, you can purchase games on Steam in Russia.

It is important to make sure you enter your account login, not your nickname. The login can be found by clicking on your login in the upper right corner of Steam, and then in the "About Account" section, you will see the account name.

If you prefer not to trust third-party sites and avoid additional fees, you can replenish your wallet yourself. The most popular and proven method is to use the QIWI website and convert rubles to tenge.

How to buy a game on Steam in Russia with a Turkish account?

Today, Turkey has become one of the most popular choices for virtual migration on the Steam platform. This is facilitated by low prices and the relative ease of replenishing your wallet, which makes Turkey one of the most attractive regions for players on this platform.

Buying Keys

The easiest way to purchase games on Turkish Steam is to purchase keys. Game prices in Turkey are often much lower than in many other countries, and therefore, keys can be purchased for much lower amounts. For example, a key for the game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can be purchased for only 2399 rubles, while in Russia and Kazakhstan the same game costs almost twice as much - 4199 rubles. Steam games banned in Russia also fall under this rule.

When purchasing keys, it is always important to carefully study the product descriptions and consider reviews from other buyers. To reduce the risk of fraud, it is always better to use trusted platforms.

Buying Gifts on Steam

Another convenient method is to purchase games as gifts. The principle is familiar to you: contact the seller, add them as a friend on Steam, and the game will come to you as a gift from their account.

This method also does not include additional fees and carries the risk of account blocking after receiving a game that is not on Steam in Russia. Again, always carefully read the product descriptions and make sure your account region is specified correctly. In addition, always pay attention to the seller's rating and recent feedback.

Replenishing your Steam Wallet

Unfortunately, replenishing the Turkish Steam wallet using third-party sellers can be an expensive affair. One of the popular ways to increase limits is to purchase gift cards, which are essentially wallet top up keys for a gaming account. They can be purchased on various platforms before paying for games on Steam in Russia. But you should expect high fees. There is information that Valve recently limited the circulation of such cards in Turkey, which led to their almost complete disappearance from the market. At the moment, it is unclear how long this shortage will last.

The most popular and at the same time simple way to top up a Turkish Steam wallet is to create a virtual OlduBil card and transfer Turkish lira through the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. After that, you will be able to top up your Steam balance using this virtual bank card without additional fees. However, keep in mind the monthly limit for unauthorized users of the bank, which is 2750 Turkish lira per month.

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