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How to use LinkedIn in Russia - the main ways

Linkedin is a business social network. Here people discuss work issues, look for specialists or find a job. The service is most popular among IT specialists. This is a great way to work with western employers, which will expand your client base and give a number of other benefits. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is blocked in Russia. This doesn’t prevent from using the site.

There are several main ways to access LinkedIn in Russia bypassing blocking:

  • VPN;
  • browser extensions;
  • anonymizer;
  • Tor;
  • mirror site.

In this article, we will take a closer look at each method and its features.

How to log in from Russia to LinkedIn bypassing blocking

Do you need not just to log in, but create a profile on the site? But the service does not allow you to link a Russian number to your account? In this case, you can create an account not linked to the Russian Federation. For this, services for buying fake numbers are perfect. One of the best is "Grizzly Sms". Here you can buy a temporary phone number for SMS from LinkedIn. The advantages include ease of purchase, low cost and reliability.

Why is Linkedin blocked in Russia

Access was restricted in 2016. Since then, the situation has not changed, the site is unavailable in the country. LinkedIn is banned in Russia due to data retention laws. Resources had to establish a representative office in the Russian Federation and perform a number of other measures to provide access. Due to the refusal, Linkedin is not working in Russia.

Why LinkedIn is blocked in Russia

It should be noted that no legal penalties are provided for the use of the service by Russian citizens. Another advantage of the social network is the lack of restrictions for Russians in 2023. No restrictions on accounts and no blocking.

How to access LinkedIn from Russia via VPN

This is the most popular way. If we talk about the situation as a whole, modern conditions require the installation of a VPN service for comfortable browsing the Internet or simply viewing sites. Let's present a list of the most popular free programs of this type that will allow you to access LinkedIn in Russia:

  1. Psiphon. Canadian product with no restrictions on the amount of traffic and the selection of a country. The free version has a speed limit of 2 Mbps.
  2. Tomato VPN. A versatile option for any situation. The public version connects only through France, but there are no complaints about the inability to access.
  3. TurboVPN. Multiplatform application with built-in browser. It is convenient and has the simplest interface, there are no failures in the process of work.
  4. Avira. It has a lot of advantages, but the free version has a traffic limit of 1 GB.
  5. Touch VPN The main advantage is the huge selection of connection points. Unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to specify the option of interest.

How to open LinkedIn in Russia using Chrome and Firefox

Is the proposed functionality not enough? If you have problems with speed and traffic limit or country selection, it is recommended to use paid VPN programs to use LinkedIn in Russia in 2023. ExpressVPN is considered the most popular. The cost is from $6 per month. The user receives a professional set of options and settings.

Bypassing LinkedIn blocking using a browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others)

There is another easy way to access the site using the built-in software tools. These are browser extensions. To install them, go to the extension store. Regardless of the program used, the principle is always the same. Let’s consider how to open LinkedIn bypassing the blocking using Opera as an example.

  1. Follow "Menu" - "Extensions" - "Load extensions".

How to login to LinkedIn in Russia using a browser

  1. A catalog opens with all available options. Enter "LinkedIn" in the search. You’ll see several matches. We are interested in the one that provides access to the site.

  1. We are taken to a page with detailed information about the extension. Click "Add to Opera". Installation is carried out automatically.

Login to LinkedIn from Russia

Now, the question of why LinkedIn is blocked in Russia does not interest us. We can open the site through the browser and there will be no problems.

How to use LinkedIn bypassing the blocking via Tor

Tor is a special browser that provides maximum privacy. It is designed to bypass multiple blockages. You can download the program on the official website. As for the application, it is available in Play Market when you need to bypass LinkedIn block on Android. For iPhone, use App Store.

How to login to Linkedin in Russia

It should be said that downloading Tor only to access the business social network is not the best idea. The browser is considered not the most convenient and does not have high loading speed.

How to open LinkedIn in Russia through anonymizer sites

There are a large number of resources that are ready to provide proxy services online. The principle of operation is simple - the user enters the address of the blocked site in the appropriate field. The site acts as an intermediary. The page of interest is provided, which allows you to bypass the blocking without additional tools.

 LinkedIn is blocked, how to log in

To login to a Russian LinkedIn account is as simple as possible using this way. The search for anonymizers is carried out at the request "proxy online". The main disadvantage is the inability to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

How to enter Linkedin in Russia using a mirror

Roskomnadzor blocked the website address. The social network strives to support its users. In this regard, mirror addresses appear. They allow you to use the resource because they are not yet blocked. The key word is "yet". Roskomnadzor regularly bans, which does not allow a stable link.

This method of how to access LinkedIn from Russia has a serious disadvantage. It is impossible to be sure that the found mirror is official. It could be designed to steal passwords.

We took a detailed look at how to log in to LinkedIn. The most popular methods are browser extension and VPN. Tor is the most reliable, but only if privacy and anonymity come first.