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Netflix doesn't work in Russia: how to watch your favourite TV series in 2023?

The American video streaming service announced its departure from the Russian market in early spring 2023, joining other Western companies. We think you can guess why Netflix is not working. In this article, we will discuss the details of the service's exit from Russia and whether the bridges have been completely burned. In other words, can you watch your favorite shows today if Netflix is not working officially?

Netflix is not working in Russia: what happened?

After the company publicly announced the cessation of operations in the Russian market in March 2022, users noticed that Netflix was still working in Russia for some time. It is not a secret that until the end of spring, Russian dubbing and subtitles were added to the content.

Everything changed on May 27, 2022 when Russian customers discovered that Netflix was not working on their TV, computer, or mobile app. As a result, the company banned approximately 1 million subscribers all at once. Currently, the service's website is not accessible from Russia without the use of VPN services. The company liquidated its legal entity that represented Netflix's interests in Russia. Additionally, after the expiration of paid subscriptions, the service blocked all profiles created from Russia.

This is why even VPNs will not help access video streaming content. You can access the website, but not the account. In essence, Netflix is completely blocked for Russia. The only option is to look for the desired shows on other platforms.

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