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Netflix free account: is it possible?

The development of online video streaming services is a history of tremendous success. It is a very convenient method to enjoy one’s favorite content in premium quality and at any time. That is why, naturally, many people ask whether there is a Netflix free trial so that they can familiarize themselves with the functionality and assortment provided by this source.

The point is that, in addition to content, this service offers diversified methods of accessing it. They differ in:

  • the quality of video (from 480p to 4K+HDR);
  • the number of devices for simultaneous watching (from 1 to 4);
  • the most important detail – the price. Fees may change dramatically depending on the country. So, as of today, in the USA, the prices vary from $9.99 for the cheapest subscription to $19.99 for the premium one.

In this regard, it would be really handy to try Netflix free for 30 days to make a well-weighted decision concerning the tariff plan or to refuse the subscription.

A free Netflix account: advantages

Besides being a well-known name (as a pioneer of the streaming industry), this platform offers a range of obvious advantages. It is worth trying to obtain a free Netflix account with password for the sake of:

  • an extensive selection of devices for viewing content (PCs, tablets, phones, smart TVs, PlayStations, and TV set-top boxes);
  • the premium quality of videos. You can watch Netflix free on PC or phone even in the 4K format if your device supports it;
  • an opportunity to download the content and watch it later in an offline mode;
  • viewing movies and series on several gadgets simultaneously in any place;
  • creating profiles for your kids so that they can enjoy cartoons under your control.

Not to mention that the major argument is the availability of a huge volume of original content from leading global filmmakers and showrunners to fit every taste.

Unfortunately, as of now, in certain countries, there is no opportunity to watch Netflix free no sign in (namely, its local versions) as it looks like the company believes that things are going brilliantly. Consequently, there is no necessity to extend the circle of users with free subscriptions. Yet, there is a trick about which we will tell you in detail below.

Netflix watch free movies and TV shows

Registration of a Netflix free account and password

This advice will suit not everyone, but it is the only loophole, which can allow one to watch Netflix content free. The major condition is the knowledge of foreign languages at the level which will allow you to comfortably view entertaining series and films. Also, you need to have several payment options accessible to you (in practice, you will not need to make any payments, but the platform will request you to provide the information about your card or online wallet in any case).

In case you cannot receive a Netflix free trial code, due to geographical limitations, here is what you should do:

  1. This video streaming platform constantly extends its service delivery geography, which is why more and more countries get an opportunity to access its content. In new markets, the company offers free trial subscriptions as they did in the USA until 2020. Everything you need to do is to use a search system to find a region where Netflix free trial offers are still available.
  2. Then, register on the source with the help of a VPN service. It is free of charge, but you must link a contact number from the country where the promo version of the platform is accessible. How to get such a contact number? Read in the last chapter of this guide.

Netflix free trial without credit card

  1. After signing up, choose a subscription needed and link a payment method.

Watch Netflix content free

  1. We’ve mentioned the knowledge of foreign languages for a reason. In a different region, all the content will be broadcasted with local translation. Yet, in all countries, an original audio track is available, and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is in English.
  2. When the trial period is over, just repeat the steps described above and get free access for 30 days more.

Netflix watch free movies and TV shows for a month with the help of the Grizzly Sms service

To view Netflix free movies and series for a month, the most reasonable solution is to utilize a virtual phone number. Besides, for such purposes, it is better to turn to a proven provider of such services like Grizzly Sms.

This platform offers the lowest fees for SMS activation on popular online sources. One can receive SMS to numbers from almost all countries of the globe. An intuitive interface and comfortable payment methods will allow you to get the service needed with a couple of clicks and without mumbo jumbo. Let us explain to you how to get free Netflix with the help of such a service:

  1. First of all, go through a simple registration by this link. It will take just around 1 minute and will not require filling in formal information. For the most secretive users, there is an opportunity to sign up with an electronic address only. Others can just log in via an account on one of the social networks (Facebook, VK, and Instagram);

Get a Netflix free account and password

  1. Choose a country of a phone operator from the list, your message with a verification code will arrive at its number. We offer numbers from most countries of the world, which is really convenient and allows one to view the content free of charge even when, in the region selected, the promo period is over;

How to receive a Netflix free trial code

  1. Choose the source. In this case, it is the streaming service mentioned, but there is also an opportunity to register on all the other popular Internet platforms. After choosing a service, you will learn the fee for receiving one SMS from it (for example, you can receive a message from Netflix to an Indian number for about 17 cents only!);

Watch Netflix episodes free

  1. Replenish your balance with a convenient method. You can use not only bank cards from VISA/Master Card but also electronic wallets like Payeer and even cryptocurrency;

Can we watch Netflix for free?

  1. Go back to the page of the source and press the “Buy” button to complete the purchase;

Buy a virtual number to watch Netflix free online

  1. You will see the virtual number generated in your personal cabinet. You should enter it as your contact number when signing up for Netflix;
  2. The process of creating a new profile on this streaming service is described in detail in the previous chapter. We must only add that the verification code for confirming the registration will also be sent right to your cabinet at our store.

Ready. Now, you can watch Netflix episodes free at any time and in any convenient place. Pleasant viewing!


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