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Facebook numbers by bulk

[fb] Facebook numbers' wholesale price
Cambodia — 4.50 ₽ ($0.074)
100+ countries — 6 ₽ ($0.098)
Vietnam — 9 ₽ ($0.15)

WhatsApp numbers by bulk

[wa] WhatsApp numbers' wholesale price 
India — 6.75 ₽ ($0.11)
Cambodia — 7.5 ₽ ($0.12)
100+ countries — 13.50 ₽ ($0.22)

Telegram numbers by bulk

[tg] Telegram numbers' wholesale price
All countries — 19 ₽ ($0.31)
USA (phys. SIM) — 35 ₽ ($0.57)

Google, YouTube, GMail numbers by bulk

[go] Google, YouTube, Gmail numbers' wholesale price
Canada — 7.55 ₽ ($0.12)
India — 9 ₽ ($0.15)
Bangladesh — 9.06 ₽ ($0.15)
Pakistan — 10.56 ₽ ($0.17)
Vietnam — 11.25 ₽ ($0.18)
100+ countries — 12 ₽ ($0.2)

Viber numbers by bulk

[fb] Viber number's wholesale price
China — 4.53 ₽ ($0.075)
100+ countries — 6 ₽ ($0.1)

Line messenger numbers by bulk

[me] Line numbers' wholesale price
Vietnam — 6.75 ₽ ($0.11)
Cambodia — 9 ₽ ($0.15)
100+ countries — 12 ₽ ($0.2)

Naver and eBay numbers by bulk

[nv] Naver and [dh] eBay numbers' wholesale price
100+ countries — 13.5  ₽ ($0.22)

Buy bulk phone numbers for receiving SMS

Virtual SMS verification is convenient and popular in the world when you cannot create an account without linking a mobile phone number. This fact often complicates life and worsens business. For the most effective promotion of a company on the Internet, it is necessary to hire a specialist who will only create new accounts in various social networks. So a service of automated sending SMS via API (Application Programming Interface) is in demand.

"Grizzly Sms" sells temporary phone numbers to verify accounts in all popular social networks, services and messengers. Surely, we could not but meet the needs of our regular customers and prepare special offers for those users who use our services often and in large amounts.

Especially for you, we offer bulk phone numbers at very attractive prices. If you buy 100+ verifications per day (on average), we regard you as a VIP client and we are ready to offer you cooperation on the most favorable terms!

Bulk registration of accounts: benefits

The use of a modern software interface is relevant for those who value their money and time. First of all, the API eliminates the need to buy real bulk SIM cards. To receive SMS, it is more convenient to use an automated number purchase system, especially when it comes to mass verifications. For this, we have provided:

  • a convenient API that greatly eases the process of mass multi-threaded verification of accounts through automation;
  • the identity of the interface to the API used by the largest SMS banks. This feature allows you to perform a quick transition if necessary;
  • loyalty programs for bulk customers: discounts, cashback and individual orders. For all bulk buyers performing >100 activations on average daily, a good offer is available (in fact, you can buy numbers at the lowest possible price);
  • wholesale registration of accounts together with our referral programs for developers and arbitrageurs will allow you to get the maximum benefit from cooperation with us;
  • for premium clients, we are ready to find exclusive numbers from unusual countries for unpopular services;
  • VIP customers have VIP technical support with an individual approach.

We are not talking about a wide range of services available for registration from operators of almost all countries of the world. You will always find the necessary number of available contacts for any needs. A modern and user-friendly site interface will make the interaction with our service as comfortable as possible. Also note that we have all popular payment methods, so you will not have any difficulties. Get bulk virtual phones wherever you are!

How to buy phone numbers in bulk on the best terms?

All you need is to become our active client. Since you are already interested in the bulk purchase of numbers, then you are an active client. If you constantly use more than 100 verifications daily, then you have access to wholesale registration of accounts at the lowest price. To activate this offer, do the following:

  1. Register in our service;
  2. Send to support the email used for registration, the list of services you are interested in and the word “BULK”;
  3. You can contact support via Telegram (@orange_grizzly or @michel_grizzly), using the feedback form on the site, as well as via the widget chat on weekdays from 10:30 to 19:00.

Each VIP-client is provided with a personal manager and service without a queue. Do not miss the opportunity to buy phone numbers in bulk at the best conditions on the Internet today!