Innovation Registrar of Telegram-accounts

How to work with TG PIXEL software:

2. Extract the archive;
3. Download Notepad++;
4. Read more about the first launch of TG PIXEL here.

TG PIXEL contacts: Telegram / Telegram bot / TamTam / Web-siteTerms of use.

Minimum requirements: Windows 10 or older is required to run software. You can use Windows emulators (such as Parallels Desktop) to run on MacOS.

TG PIXEL licenses with payment via Grizzly SMS

  • A perpetual license
  • Availability of safetynet and push notifications tokens
  • Registration of Cambodia, Indonesia, India, England, Myanmar and others
  • Token Price $0.0225
  • Registration option with built-in options: $0.02 for successful registration
  • imits: maximum number of simultaneously requested numbers (threads) — 20
Available at Grizzly SMS: 10 qty.
IMPORTANT! Key and link to download software we will send to your registration e-mail

Advantages of TG PIXEL

Protection against repeated receipt of the same phone number
Want to protect from reselling numbers? Tired of catching 2FA at check-in? The developers of TG PIXEL reduced the likelihood of problems with their system of recording and storing registered numbers! When one of our users or affiliate software users has registered an account with a specific number, the software user will not be able to register this phone again in the future. This works without the SMS code request, which prevents other people from using the number even if the SMS service is enabled to wait!
Built-in options for registration
Do not know how to choose parameters for registration?! This is no longer a problem, you can use the built-in options in the Light version of the software!
Ability to add custom settings
If you are a burnt fighter who can do everything yourself with your eyes closed, using the right elbow of your left hand, then the TG PIXEL software will suit you too, as you can add your own parameters!