TG-GIANT - multifunctional tool for work with Telegram

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2. You can purchase a license with payment via Grizzly SMS on this page (see below)

Learning to work with TG-GIANT, as well as a description of all functions and modules — on the developer's website.

Лицензии TG-GIANT с оплатой через Grizzly SMS

Centurion (1 month)
  • Accounts dashboard. Mailer. Investment (not through admin)
  • Deleting Dialogs; Number Checker; Number and Channel Validity Checker
  • Reaction Handler; Scroller; Search groups and channels
  • Bulk unfollow; Text Randomizer; Image Randomizer
  • Groups and channels Parser; Posts and comments parser; Geolocation parser
  • Bulk subscriptions; Chatting; Creating channels and filling
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Registrar (1 month)
  • Unique and versatile module with no analogues on the market
  • The recorder fully emulates the mobile devices of the real user, with full transfer of all data
  • Thus we have telegram accounts on the output, under the guise of a live user
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Giant 1 (1 month)
  • Tariff "Centurion"
  • Inviter via admin panel
  • Converter
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Giant 2 (1 месяц)
  • Tariff "Centurion"
  • Converter
  • Registrar (All countries + RU)
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Converter (1 месяц)
  • The module allowing to change accounts from one format to another (from desktop tdata to json+session and vice versa — from json+session to desktop tdata) without risks
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The program is suitable for:

Allows you to receive new conversion traffic in order to monetize and increase ROI
Advertising agencies
Offer your customers an alternative to retired advertising platforms and start working with a new source of traffic
Business owners
Build your marketing and community at Telegram. Increase sales of your products and services
Expand its capabilities, offer customers a new source of targeted traffic
Increase outreach and number of subscribers
Novice professionals
Start with a new tool on the market and become a unique specialist

Thanks to the TG-Giant you get:

New opportunities
Manage to work with the audience in Telegram, build marketing of your goods and services
24/7 support
We are as customer-oriented as possible, so do not allow the development of your business to depend on one unresolved issue
Advantage over competitors
New opportunities in the market that will allow you to occupy your niche and form a community before the tool becomes a mass market
Our development team works daily to improve current features and add new ones