Telegram Expert

Telegram Expert is not only an account registrar, it is a whole machine for working with Telegram!
Registering accounts, sending messages, inviting people to groups, increasing views, a convenient account panel and much more...
The basic module includes a special GrizzlySMS registrar with automatic refund for a number with two-factor authentication. The algorithm works automatically, if the code is received, the account has not been created.
Official website:
YouTube channel: TelegramExpert
Corporate messenger with remote guest access:
Forum with a community of useful information: BLB.Team

Before purchasing Telegram Expert on Grizzly SMS you need to ➡️ DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE ⬅️

Minimum requirements: Windows 10 OS, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2, CPU ≥ 2 cores, RAM ≥2 GB, 64-bit system. Languages: EN, RU, CN (ZH).

Telegram Expert licenses with payment on Grizzly SMS

Telegram Expert: 1 day
  • Access for 24 hours
IMPORTANT! We’ll send license key and link for downloading to your registration email
Telegram Expert: 1 month
  • Access for 30 days
IMPORTANT! We’ll send license key and link for downloading to your registration email
Telegram Expert: 1 year
  • Access for 1 year
IMPORTANT! We’ll send license key and link for downloading to your registration email

Telegram Expert Base Module provides:

Automatic registration
Register hundreds of Telegram accounts to create your own personal botnet. All popular SMS services are available in the basic module, many of them are our reliable partners, who regularly pamper Telegram Expert users with interesting promotions and discounts, solving all problems quickly and as a priority. Each of our SMS partners has their own personal group in and helps users in real time.
Audience gathering
You simply won`t find a better program for collecting an audience from Telegram. We have everything you need to collect, analyze and systematize your audience. Only we have an automatic neural network for determining gender, a convenient database, and the ability to collect only users from certain countries. With Telegram Expert it`s not just gathering an audience — it`s a whole new level!
Bulk subscriptions
You need to subscribe to chats or channels, earn moneysubscribers? All this is done without much effort inTelegram Expert program!
Mass invitations
You need to fill the chat with an audience - this is not a problem if you have Telegram Expert! Invite any users from channels or chats, even if the chat participants are hidden, with Telegram Expert - you can promote your chats and earn very good money from it.
Mass mailings
In the base module you can bulk send messages to chats or other users, by id, username or phone number, it doesn’t matter advanced functionality allows you to do many things, including sending without notifications and sending deferred messages and auto-repost and many many others...
Account Control Panel
It’s not enough just to create your own botnet, you also need to manage it competently, the account panel in the expert is the best on the market, like the other modules, the most functional, with a huge range of functions, it has everything you need and even more! Set an avatar, change names, change descriptions — it’s all done simply and conveniently, literally in two clicks of the mouse!
There is also...
...a report generator, work with databases and much, much more; the functional list of the basic module is simply huge! And what’s more, all our users regularly receive new free modules, we are constantly expanding functionality and giving a lot just FREE!
All our users receive free, instant software updates, access to a huge database of information, videos, exclusive discounts and promotions. And a bonus is technical support that will always be happy to help you. All this is possible thanks to our own secure messenger SPHERE.CHAT