Telegram Expert

Telegram Expert is not only an account registrar, it is a whole machine for working with Telegram!
Registering accounts, sending messages, inviting people to groups, increasing views, a convenient account panel and much more...
The basic module includes a special GrizzlySMS registrar with automatic refund for a number with two-factor authentication. The algorithm works automatically, if the code is received, the account has not been created.
Official website:
YouTube channel: TelegramExpert
Corporate messenger with remote guest access:
Forum with a community of useful information: BLB.Team

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Minimum requirements: Windows 10 OS, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2, CPU ≥ 2 cores, RAM ≥2 GB, 64-bit system. Languages: EN, RU, CN (ZH).

Telegram Expert licenses with payment on Grizzly SMS

Telegram Expert: 1 month
  • Access for 30 days
Available at Grizzly SMS: 16 qty.
IMPORTANT! We’ll send license key and link for downloading to your registration email
Telegram Expert: 1 year
  • Access for 1 year
Available at Grizzly SMS: 17 qty.
IMPORTANT! We’ll send license key and link for downloading to your registration email

Telegram Expert Base Module provides:

Automatic registration
Register hundreds of Telegram accounts to create your own personal botnet. All popular SMS services are available in the basic module, many of them are our reliable partners, who regularly pamper Telegram Expert users with interesting promotions and discounts, solving all problems quickly and as a priority. Each of our SMS partners has their own personal group in and helps users in real time.
Audience gathering
You simply won`t find a better program for collecting an audience from Telegram. We have everything you need to collect, analyze and systematize your audience. Only we have an automatic neural network for determining gender, a convenient database, and the ability to collect only users from certain countries. With Telegram Expert it`s not just gathering an audience — it`s a whole new level!
Bulk subscriptions
You need to subscribe to chats or channels, earn moneysubscribers? All this is done without much effort inTelegram Expert program!
Mass invitations
You need to fill the chat with an audience - this is not a problem if you have Telegram Expert! Invite any users from channels or chats, even if the chat participants are hidden, with Telegram Expert - you can promote your chats and earn very good money from it.
Mass mailings
In the base module you can bulk send messages to chats or other users, by id, username or phone number, it doesn’t matter advanced functionality allows you to do many things, including sending without notifications and sending deferred messages and auto-repost and many many others...
Account Control Panel
It’s not enough just to create your own botnet, you also need to manage it competently, the account panel in the expert is the best on the market, like the other modules, the most functional, with a huge range of functions, it has everything you need and even more! Set an avatar, change names, change descriptions — it’s all done simply and conveniently, literally in two clicks of the mouse!
There is also...
...a report generator, work with databases and much, much more; the functional list of the basic module is simply huge! And what’s more, all our users regularly receive new free modules, we are constantly expanding functionality and giving a lot just FREE!
All our users receive free, instant software updates, access to a huge database of information, videos, exclusive discounts and promotions. And a bonus is technical support that will always be happy to help you. All this is possible thanks to our own secure messenger SPHERE.CHAT
Blog by Telegram Expert — partners software for mass registration of accounts
Author: Telegram Expert administration

May 20, 2024 Telegram Expert Update!

This time, we have prepared a grand update for our users, featuring new modules and new possibilities!

Invite via Administrators v2
Our users have been asking for this module for a long time, and we have tried to make it as automated as possible, with a minimum of unnecessary actions. The new invite via administrators module works based on two bot tokens. This is a very efficient algorithm; the module does everything automatically:
    1. Automatically assigns bots as administrators
    2. Automatically adds and removes administrators
    3. Automatically reassigns the task from a Silver status bot to a Gold status bot if the bot token can no longer perform administrator removal tasks in the group.
The process of using the module is extremely simple: create two bots for free using @BotFather, select the accounts, enter the tokens into the program, choose the main administrator or owner account, and that's it. Telegram Expert will do everything else automatically: it will add the bots in the correct order, check if the user is in the group BEFORE the invite, and perform the invite.
Now, filling the group with new members through administrators has become much easier and faster!

We have also paid attention to message sending. Now, each sending module has the following options available:
    1. Sending video messages
    2. Self-destructing file after 60 seconds
    3. Pinning a message in the dialogue

Reading Dialogues
Some users requested a module to set the "read" status within the account. Now this module is also available in Telegram Expert!

Automatic Account Registration
Now Telegram Expert includes an additional neural network for generating names during registration. The neural network can provide over 1 billion unique names. The generator works completely automatically, and the option to choose names from the module has been removed. However, we have retained the ability to set your own first and last names from a file.

1. Added the ability to set a single 2-FA for all accounts during registration
2. Improved SMS delivery in many countries
3. Updated parameter generator, now emulating new versions of Telegram is available

Name Change Control
We continue to integrate additional control options into Telegram Expert to protect your accounts from bans. These options are especially useful for users who are just starting their journey in Telegram. The name change control prevents changing names on accounts that are less than 3 days old. Of course, this option can be easily disabled in the main settings.

Proxy Pool Checker – Check Your Proxy Provider!
This module will become an indispensable assistant for those who register accounts in bulk! Now our users have the opportunity to quickly and accurately check the proxies they use.
The checker verifies the depth of the pool and checks how many UNIQUE IP addresses are ACTUALLY in the POOL.
Proxy services often claim large IP address pools for a particular country on their websites. However, in practice, the numbers can be significantly different. There are situations where a proxy service claims its pool contains 2000 IP addresses, but in reality, there are at best only 30.
Now with Telegram Expert, you can check the depth of any pool in just a few clicks!
We hope the speed and simplicity of this module will pleasantly surprise you!

Best regards, BLB.Team ❤️
P.S. The video on the Invite via Administrators v2 module is already available: And also the Proxy Pool Checker:

May 20, 2024: Telegram Expert – Registration Parameters Are No Longer Needed!

We have updated the parameter generator, making it more user-friendly, so now you can generate parameters easily and conveniently. Just choose the phone model you want to emulate, select the desired app version, the language, and the generator will do the rest for you!
The generator can emulate more than 1 million unique parameters!
 Supported apps include:

  • Official Telegram client for Android
  • Telegram X
  • Telegram Desktop

Telegram regularly introduces surprises, and having the right parameters for working in Telegram is essential. However, not every user wants to deal with parameters, device specifics, and app versions.
We hope this step will help our users work with parameters more accurately.
Please Note: The parameter generator was designed to save our users from most errors during registration, showing in practice what correct parameters should look like for successful interaction with Telegram.
The parameter generator is limited to 250 rows per generation. This is done intentionally to prevent parameters from being caught in Telegram's spam filter.

Although the parameter generator creates the most accurate parameters possible, it doesn't exempt you from pre-testing registration with these parameters. Remember to test with a minimal number of registrations. Always follow standard testing procedures when registering large numbers of accounts. Never register large volumes without prior testing!
The parameter generator has two operation modes – "Beginner" and "Professional." If you need a larger database and are engaged in large-scale registration, simply switch the generator to the "Professional" mode.
We hope you'll truly appreciate this new feature!

Version Control – We Are Now Striving to Protect Our Users From Potential Blocks!Starting with version 1.8, Telegram Expert has a built-in version control algorithm.
As you already know, the past month has been challenging. Telegram has started to check parameters and versions in countries where these filters previously didn't work, or if they did, not as aggressively. For example, if version control was previously turned off in Russia, now account parameters are checked more aggressively, and if something is wrong, Telegram imposes sanctions immediately. Detecting this filter isn't straightforward because not all accounts are blocked, and the block might occur after 2 or 3 days, appearing entirely random. This is how accounts in the UK reacted, where the filter was set even more strictly. However, our team responded quickly and conducted the necessary tests. The result was clear: version control.

How Does It Work?
Now, Telegram Expert with version control enabled will not connect to an account or work with an account where the version is incorrect. We've added an algorithm that automatically determines the most current app version, which Telegram Expert can fully emulate.
We've also added an option that automatically corrects the version to the required one. This option is in the Account Panel, under "Version Control."
Version control has two options: "Official Apps" and "Unofficial Apps."

"Official Apps" - Accounts created with parameters from Telegram Android, Telegram X, or Telegram Desktop. If the account uses parameters from these apps, but the app version is incorrect or doesn't match the version for 100% emulation, this option prohibits connecting to the account until the user corrects the version. (Automatic correction is available in the Account Panel, in the "Version Control" section.)
"Unofficial Apps" - This option forbids any interaction with an account if its parameters differ from those of official apps. If you use such accounts, they will work only if you disable this option.
Version control is an optional feature designed to protect users, and it works during both account interactions and registration. Now, during the registration stage, the user's database is preliminarily checked.

Additional Measures
Now, with every update of Telegram Expert, our users also receive a list of tested versions that the current update works with. This is recorded in the parameter generator. If the update requires higher versions in the accounts, the program automatically protects the user from errors (provided that version control is enabled).

Happy Registrations!
Sincerely, the BLB.Team

P.S. Don't forget about pre-testing! There are nuances to registration in certain countries. We've tried to account for as much as possible in the parameter generator. However, this doesn't exempt you from initial testing, both in terms of registration and ongoing interaction with accounts. Test in small batches and gradually increase. Don't forget about proxies and checking the provider's pool, as this is crucial. In the near future, we will delight you with a few new modules, and we hope you like them!

April 10, 2024: Telegram Expert Announces Support for Automatic Registration on Telegram X 

Telegram Expert is a multifunctional software for working with Telegram that supports GPT. A distinguishing feature of this project is the vast number of functions for sending messages, inviting users, and other mass actions in the Telegram messenger. Naturally, the basic version of the program includes an automatic account registrar.

What is Telegram X?Telegram X is an official Telegram application used worldwide. Account registration is also open for it, but until now, no public software has fully supported working on Telegram X. The Telegram Expert team decided to rectify this situation. Now, registration is supported not only on the official Telegram client but also on Telegram X.

What has been added?
1. Full support for working on Telegram X
2. Automatic parameter adjustment algorithm
3. The ability to register on both Telegram and Telegram X simultaneously

Automatic Parameter Adjustment Algorithm for Telegram X
When mass registering accounts, it is crucial to correctly transmit parameters to Telegram servers. The BLB.Team has integrated a unique parameter adjustment algorithm. The developer claims that the algorithm will allow users to fix basic parameter issues during automatic account registration. In the corporate messenger, which has over 2000 users, any Telegram Expert owner can find sample correct parameters and get assistance. The messenger also offers guest access.

Bypassing the Latest Telegram Restrictions
One of the latest innovations in Telegram is the requirement to provide an email address during registration. Here, the Telegram Expert team has delighted its users with the ability to use temporary email addresses.

What Else Does Telegram Expert Offer Besides the Account Registrar?The program's functionality is immense; today, Telegram Expert deserves the title of TOP-1 software. There are more than 30 modules for work, even in the basic version, where you will find various boosts, sending functions, and working with invitations. There are also additional modules, such as an account booster, converter, duplicator, forwarder, interceptor, and, of course, a chat and channel cloner. All this is complemented by an account panel with more than 20 functions for mass account work. The developers also add unique and exclusive solutions, and updates are released regularly.

Happy registrations with Telegram Expert!

Program Website:
Official Messenger:
Forum: BLB.Team


March 20, 2024: Telegram Expert Update

We are pleased to announce the latest update:
• Added the ability to register geos requiring email confirmation at the time of registration.
• Fixed a bug in audience collection, added an option to collect or exclude administrators.
• Fixed a bug with setting names and gender.
• Fixed a bug with displaying roles (in the interface).
• Autoresponder: fixed a bug with sending a response to the bot.
• Neurocommenting, minor errors fixed.
• Audience collection by GEO: added city search and the ability to set multiple zones for point placement.

Registration of Countries Requiring an Email Address

Now Telegram Expert fully supports the registration of countries with temporary email addresses. The email is generated automatically, as is the receipt of the code. A positive aspect is that SafetyNet is not always requested when registering with an email address; it depends on the country. In the registration options, you can enable all three options: "push," "safetynet," "email." Telegram Expert will automatically determine if an email is required and request a safetynet token or temporary email address if needed.

Temporary email addresses are quite cheap, costing only $5 for 1000 addresses.

Happy registrations!

Best regards,
The BLB.Team Team