Earning on Grizzly SMS sim cards is a simple and profitable

SMS activator Grizzly SMS and its partner SMSBOWER introduce a new sim card monetization project.

Receive SMS from messengers, social media networks, and other services on your sim cards and earn up to 500 rubles daily for each sim card.


Become a partner

What you need:

Own sim cards. It does not matter how many. Start monetizing small and grow together with Grizzly SMS and SMSBOWER
Own a GSM modem or GOIP. If you don’t have such equipment, contact our customer support. We will help you pick a suitable device
A PC with an internet connection

Benefits of working with Grizzly SMS and SMSBOWER:

A large audience of customers
Monetizing sim cards using a rapidly expanding SMS-activation service Grizzly SMS, SMSBOWER and large partnered platforms.
Simple integration
Our caring specialists will help you set up GOIP and GSM modems. The monetization process is fully automated. You only need to switch sim cards and withdraw earnings!
All operations involving your sim cards are displayed in your account.
Profitable rates
Our partner's hub for sim cards — SMSBOWER — will give you over 80% from its profit. We know market situation and will monetize your sim cards fast!
Convenient withdrawing
Withdraw even small sums on your bank cards, online payment systems, and crypto-wallets.

How to make money from SIM cards with Grizzly SMS & SMSBower

The SMS activation service Grizzly SMS and presents a highly anticipated project for monetizing SIM cards — SMS Bower. Together with our partners, we offer SIM card owners the opportunity to earn a solid additional income with minimal time and effort. Take advantage of the opportunity to rent out your phone number on the best terms available today!

If you have a certain number of SIM cards (no matter how many, you can start with even just a few), a personal computer with an Internet connection, and specialized equipment for connecting SIM cards to your PC, then you are welcome to join our partner program! Start earning money on phone numbers without any investments today!

What do you need to earn money using SIM cards?

Besides the desire to earn and improve your standard of living, you need to have:

  • SIM cards. The partner program involves providing previously unused SIM cards for the needs of SMS activation services (receiving verification messages from various internet services). The more SIM cards you have, the better, as your earnings will increase proportionally. But you can start with a small number.
  • Personal computer with internet access. All interactions between partner program participants and us occur online, including the transfer of received messages to your SIM cards.
  • Special equipment for simultaneously connecting SIM cards to your PC. This can be a GSM modem or a GSM gateway (GOIP) for transferring incoming messages. If you do not have such devices but are already planning to earn money using SIM cards, you can contact our support chat, where you will be provided with detailed advice on choosing equipment.

How to make money on SIM cards? 

So, you have the necessary equipment and even extra SIM cards or the ability to replenish their quantity. Now you need to integrate with our service to start earning SMS money online. To do this, you need just to submit a connection request on the SMS Bower website, and our specialists will take care of everything else.

Here is a detailed instruction:

  1. Log in to website smsbower.com or register if you don't have account yet;
  2. Submit a request to connect you to our partner program. Our managers will contact you and help you set up the equipment and install the money-making application for your phone number. Follow their instructions, and the integration will be completed in no time;
  3. After integration, start monetizing your SIM cards confidently. The process is fully automated. All you have to do is timely change your SIM cards (as agreed with the hub partner once every 24-48 hours) and withdraw your earnings.

Note the importance of the last point because today it is impossible to receive SMS from the same service multiple times on the same SIM card. Therefore, over time, SIM cards lose the ability to generate profit, and they need to be replaced with new ones.

Earning money with SMS codes: how much can you earn?

The amount of your reward directly depends on the number of SIM cards used and the choice of mobile operators' countries . The more SIM cards you use at once, and the more in-demand numbers you have, the higher your earnings from SMS activation will be.

Generally, there are no limitations on numbers from certain countries for the most relevant platforms today where users want to register anonymously. In such cases, the SIM card of a local mobile operator from a country with a lower supply of numbers generates greater monetization. 

For example, for popular services like Telegram, Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others, earnings on SIM cards range in the following way:

  • Low-income countries. Numbers from these countries are not in high demand and are readily available in the market. For example, SIM cards from Ivory Coast can earn approximately 15 rub per day.
  • High-income popular countries.  These countries are often Western or other developed states. A SIM card from England can yield around 60 rub per day, while one from Germany can earn up to 120 rub.
  • Ultra-high-income countries. These are relatively rare and “exotic” numbers. For instance, a SIM card from New Zealand can generate up to 700 rub per month!

On average, SMS marketing with one SIM card earns around 100 rub per day.

Advantages of SMS Bower

A good partner program is the key to success for all participants. The SMS activator SMS Bower offersSIM card owners to become partners and start earning by renting SIM cards on the most favorable terms available online. 

Among our advantages:

  • Large audience of the buyers of phone numbers. Our service is an SMS activator with a rapidly growing customer base. In addition, our main partner collaborates with other services, guaranteeing a steady demand for account activation using your SIM cards.
  • Simple integration. No need to jump through hoops! As long as you have SIM cards, equipment for their connection to a PC, and stable Internet connection, our specialists will take care of the rest. Just submit an application for activation and regularly change your SIM cards to maximize your earnings.
  • Transparent SMS earnings on the Internet. All the activity on your SIM cards will be reflected in your personal account on a website SMS Bower.
  • Favorable rates will allow you to maximize your profits. You’ll receive 80% of the revenue generated on your SIM cards.
  • Convenient withdrawal of earned money. We will withdraw even a small sum. And you can easily receive your earnings on a bank card, crypto- or e-wallet.