Free virtual phone number to receive SMS from “Grizzly SMS”

It’s easy to use a free number

Choose a number on this page. Enter the number on the website or an app where you need to register
When number receive an SMS, a code will be shown in the list of messages of this number
You can increase the chance to receive the SMS code by getting a private number ↓


Free phone numbers for registering accounts regularly change on the site but the probability of becoming the first user of the number on some popular social media is quite low. A popular service may not receive a number because it is already in its base. If you failed to create an account using free numbers, we recommend you to register on the site, replenish Grizzly SMS balance and get an individual number available only to you. That’s easy: you won’t have to enter the phone number or confirm your email! You’ll be charged for received codes only.

The temporary fake phone number for verification accepts any SMS for free, except for messages from payment systems and other services related to financial transactions.


Free phone number for verification

If you need a new account on one of the popular online platforms, but you cannot or do not want to use your personal number, the “Grizzly SMS” service offers you an excellent opportunity to receive free SMS without verification in any Internet service.

No extra actions are required, just choose the number you like on this page and use it to create a new account in the selected social network, messenger or marketplace. The free number for SMS works very simply: copy, paste and accept the verification code (on the same page).

Keep in mind just one thing: the demand for free SMS verification is extremely high. Our numbers are updated frequently, but there is no guarantee that you will get the option that has not yet been used by anyone: the selected phone number for SMS for free may already be in the database of the selected site and you will not be able to register using it again.

Also keep in mind that a free number for receiving SMS cannot accept codes from payment systems and other financial services.

If you are unable to get a code using the numbers on this page, do not despair. You can wait until the databases are updated and unused free numbers for verification appear.

There is a more reliable option - register on our website and get access to tens of thousands of inexpensive free numbers with a guarantee of SMS reception.

How to get a virtual phone number for free without registration

The main advantage of our free virtual mobile number for SMS verification is saving time and money. Do not waste these resources in vain and immediately proceed to choose the option that suits you to receive SMS for free. Here's what needs to be done:

  1. Regardless of the site where you need a new account, select any available number on this page;
  2. Copy it;
  3. Go to the site of the selected platform or launch the corresponding application;
  4. Start the process of registering a new profile. When you reach the stage of entering a personal number, use our virtual number to receive free SMS for verification;
  5. After entering the number, click “Next” and return to this page;
  6. If successful, a new one will appear in the field with a list of SMS codes received to this number, with which you can complete the registration at the site you need;
  7. If the number is already used, try another option or use our guaranteed numbers for SMS at affordable rates.

Temporary phone number to receive SMS for free

SMS user verification was once a revolutionary step for identifying Internet users and protecting their accounts. However, over time, the use of personal mobile numbers for registration on the Internet has become mandatory, which has led to the creation of a huge number of user bases with their personal contact details and other confidential information, which periodically get to unscrupulous people. In order not to become a victim of such a situation, use our free phone numbers for verification codes and use any online sites completely anonymously at any time!