VK [RGVKREG] account auto register

Scroll down to get to know all the opportunities and advantages of software for account registration VK [RGVKREG]

Link to the software archive: ➡️ DOWNLOAD VK [RGVKREG] software ⬅️ (RU, EN)

Pay the license with the Grizzly SMS balance and get your login password to your registration email!

Other available payment methods: cards of the Russian Federation, cards of the words (Stripe and 2 alternative payment systems), PayPal, Qiwi, cryptocurrency, AliPay, WeChat.

RGVKREG licenses with payment on Grizzly SMS

RGVKREG : 1 month
    IMPORTANT! We’ll send login and password to your registration email
    RGVKREG : 3 months
      IMPORTANT! We’ll send login and password to your registration email
      RGVKREG : forever
        IMPORTANT! We’ll send login and password to your registration email

        RGVKREG is

        25 account registration modes
        Possible to start all the modes!
        9 account downloading formats
        Login:Password, Login:Password:URL, Login:Password:Token, Login:Password:Proxy, Login:Password:id, Login:Password:id:Token, Login:Password:Proxy:User-Agent, Login:Password:Proxy:User-Agent:id JSON
        3 operating modes and 3 token downloading modes
        Operating modes: Auto register Auto unfreezing of spam block, auto checker by ID • Token downloading modes: WEB, Android App, Dev AP
        Possible to choose number of registrations • choose an interval between registrations • possible to record accounts in database by criteria • possible to auto upload accounts on LZT after registration
        Filling in accounts with the following ample opportunities:
        Upload avatar • upload posts • set the status • set privacy • set the account cover • set the marital status • set birth date visibility • set post commenting • set residence • set online status
        Possible to warm up account after registration, possible to solve capture through in-built AI (confidence 97%) • possible to set your capture solution service • possible to specify your SMS service (API SMS-ACTIVATE)
        Possible to send accounts to Telegram after registration • possible to manage the software in Telegram bot • possible to use User-Agent • possible to enable registration for all countries (117 countries) • possible to work via Proxy (http|socks5) • possible to spoof ja3 print • possible to choose the version of HTTP client (1.1/2.0/2.1 Fastify)
        Possible to solve capture through third-party services:
        rucaptcha, captchaguru, solver captcha, xevil
        Possible to auto update Proxy on the link (if proxy supports it) • possible to select the number of registrations for one proxy • possible to use additional proxy for SMS service • possible to delete proxy from the list which Flood Control or Rate Limit got • possible to ignore a certain proxy response status • possible to check proxy for validity before registration