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In which countries is Chat GPT banned today?

The popular artificial intelligence service did not become well-known. For various reasons, it is impossible to open a website and launch a bot messenger from many parts of the world. Today we will tell you in which countries Chat GPT is banned.

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Where is ChatGPT banned?

The service is not available in many countries and on different continents. The main reason is the censorship of information that is provided to the Internet users of a particular country. There are countries where access to the neural network is limited by the company itself (guess which countries we are talking about). It includes one of the countries of the Western world, where they are concerned about the violation of the confidentiality of personal information of users.

List of countries that have banned Chat GPT:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Bahrain;
  • Belarus;
  • Burma (Myanmar);
  • Venezuela;
  • Iran;
  • Yemen;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • China;
  • North Korea (DPRK);
  • Cuba;
  • Laos;
  • Libya;
  • Mauritius;
  • Macedonia (North Macedonia);
  • Marshall Islands;
  • Micronesia, Federated States;
  • Nauru;
  • Nepal;
  • Palau;
  • Russia;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis;
  • Syria;
  • Somalia;
  • Sudan;
  • Tonga;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Central African Republic;
  • Chad;
  • Eritrea;
  • Ethiopia;
  • South Sudan.

Let's study the typical reasons for the ban on the example of specific countries.

Why is Chat GPT banned in Russia and Belarus?

The ban is related to the sanctions policy on the part of Western countries in relation to the Russian Federation and Belarus and dates back to the beginning of 2022. At that time, the chatbot was not yet available, but the website of the parent company and its services had already ceased to open on the territory of these countries. Today, you can get into the messenger and communicate with AI only using a VPN and a virtual number of another country (for registering an account).

Why did Italy ban ChatGPT?

This is the first country in the Western world, which decided on such a radical step. In this situation, we are not talking about censorship problems, but about the processing of users' personal data. The local commission (similar to Roskomnadzor) considered that the service does not properly collect, process and store users’ confidential information. That is why ChatGPT was banned in Italy.

In addition, Italian officials intend to investigate the activities of the service in accordance with existing procedural instructions, in view of the massive leak of personal data that took place. Additionally, the regulator is concerned about the fact that the chatbot does not check the age of users and does not take it into account in its responses.

The service made contact with the Italian authorities and a roadmap is currently being worked out, which will allow developing the correct privacy settings for the chatbot in Italy in order to lift the ban in this way.

Is ChatGPT banned in China and Iran?

These countries are united by a tough approach to state regulation of the Internet. We are talking about censorship of content to which ordinary citizens have access. Any information undergoes strict filtering, so many services and applications that do not agree with the policies of Iranian and Chinese regulatory authorities that act as censors are banned. Accordingly, access to a chatbot is theoretically possible, but it is very difficult to get it in practice.

Which other countries banned ChatGPT and why?

As can be seen from the list of countries above, access to the service is not available in a number of not the most prosperous countries in Africa, Oceania and Asia. Moreover, such countries as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were included in this list. That's all you need to know which countries banned Chat GPT. If it is customary in a state to restrict citizens from “potentially dangerous” information coming from abroad, most likely an American chat bot based on a neural network will be banned there.

Chat GPT is banned: bypass blocking

However, the above does not mean that the inhabitants of the considered countries cannot personally assess the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Options for bypassing blocking exist. It doesn't matter why Chat GPT was banned. To solve the problem, a good VPN service and a working virtual number will be enough for a person. By the way, you can find the latter on the “Grizzly Sms” website on the best conditions on the Internet:

  • a guarantee of receiving SMS from the selected service;
  • the lowest price;
  • the choice of the country of the telephone operator (numbers from more than 200 countries of the world are available!);
  • comfort (the service works quickly, the user-friendly interface, various payment methods);
  • support (a whole department of competent employees).

Read more about how to sign up with OPenAI and get into ChatGPT from Russia.


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