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Make an Account without a Phone Number for Any Online Service in 2024


Living in the current age of advanced technology and interconnectedness is quite dangerous considering the fragile nature of modern digital infrastructures and their weaknesses. Protecting personal information is a necessity, not an option, if you want to stay safe while browsing the internet. Finding companies that can protect user data well is becoming increasingly more challenging each year.

The most elegant solution to this issue is to avoid diving into sensitive information altogether. For example, you can use virtual phone numbers from Grizzly SMS to go through SMS verification procedures on almost all websites that require it. It is a great way to prevent bad actors from obtaining their “digits” and spamming unsolicited messages.

Thanks to the rich catalog of temporary phone numbers for SMS verification on the Grizzly SMS website, you will find an option for any online platform. If geolocation turns out to be an issue, there are 100 countries you can choose from to bypass any restriction. Note that virtual numbers online are not expensive at all and allow business owners to save money on account creation when it comes to social media marketing.

So many advantages to using virtual numbers online exist that it is hard to justify not using them for everything from making accounts for WhatsApp without a phone number or registering multiple Facebook pages for direct marketing or personal purposes.

Advantages of using virtual phone numbers online

You may want to use a fake phone number for many reasons. The most apparent one is safety since many platforms demonstrated weak data handling practices and experienced notable breaches harming millions of users. Contemporary marketers often use multiple social media accounts to enhance organic virality, make their posts more visible to algorithms, and do all sorts of other things to serve ads directly to potential customers.

Many visit the Grizzly SMS website featuring virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries from across the globe. You can create an army of messenger and social media accounts to work in a specific region by using VPN connections and registering accounts with local phone numbers.

These reasons are solid enough to incentivize many to start using fake numbers online for various purposes. However, if you are not convinced yet, here are some advantages of using them:

  • Protecting privacy. When registering on different online platforms, giving up your real number can be inconvenient or even dangerous. For example, Tinder users reported that they were harassed and stalked in the real world due to data leaks by the dating app. Over 79% of all Americans are concerned with how corporations use their data. Use a fake phone number from Grizzly SMS to stay private.
  • Avoiding scam calls. Did you know that an average American receives 14 unwanted calls per month? It is hard to find someone who does not have to deal with annoying advertisers, sales managers, scammers, and other types of calls that one would rather not receive. Often, these things happen because a company leaked your real phone number online.
  • Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Dwight’s famous quote from The Office is even more relevant today when we have all our information stored everywhere. Just in 2020, various tech platforms suffered over 1000 breaches increasing the likelihood of fraud related to identity theft. Use a virtual phone number online to prevent bad actors from impersonating you.
  • Bypass all sorts of restrictions. With international tensions being hotter than ever and companies often locking their services regionally, the issue of using an online platform without any concerns for your geographical location becomes quite important. You can buy a temporary phone number for any online platform on the Grizzly SMS website and pick any country!

Who benefits from using virtual phones for SMS verification?

The advantages listed above are universal and can be applied to all users of the internet. However, some categories of people will find virtual phone numbers for SMS codes more valuable than others.

Here are some groups of users who benefit from using temporary phone numbers the most:

  • People who are conscious of privacy. As outlined above, user data handling and privacy are among the top concerns for many individuals. Using a virtual number online is a great way to reduce the likelihood of encountering issues related to privacy and personal information leaks.
  • Freelancing specialists. Many people who work from home or do freelance need to create many accounts on a variety of platforms for purposes related to their professional endeavors. Using personal credentials to register everywhere can be tedious and outright dangerous. It is a much better idea to use temporary numbers online for work.
  • Digital nomads and frequent travelers. We live in a world where traveling is less restricted than ever. People who move to work abroad or simply want to see the world often have to register for local services bypassing various limitations. They also want to stay in touch with people from many countries. Use fake phone numbers to create new accounts and use social media without restrictions.
  • Business owners and marketers. Steering a business in the contemporary economy without using social media is quite challenging. Over 64% of all small businesses use social media and messengers for marketing purposes. To drive up engagement and direct the algorithm toward your posts, using multiple accounts is a necessity. Create as many accounts as you like using virtual phone numbers online!

How to make multiple accounts with the same virtual number?

The Grizzly SMS platform offers a unique service: rent a number and use it to register on as many online platforms as you like. This product is uniquely designed to cater to the audience of dedicated social media users or marketers who want to run multiple accounts on several platforms at once.

You can rent a virtual phone number for a low price on the Grizzly SMS website and create multiple accounts or go through several SMS verification procedures on any online service listed in the service selection menu. Simply choose “Rent a number” in the menu. Note that the product is still in open beta so you might need assistance from our 24/7 support system where you can inquire about any issue with the platform.

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