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Maximizing Ozon Cashback Benefits


Loyalty programs are a common way to increase customer loyalty for any marketplace. Who doesn't love savings! And if users can get maximum cashback from Ozon in any category – such a program would be invaluable. However, the service only allows you to choose 4 purchase categories with increased cashback. Although in reality, you can get it for all categories. Want to know how? Read this article to the end.

Right now, you can register a new account on Ozon and use all its loyalty programs and discounts as you see fit. For this, use an inexpensive disposable number to register an account on Ozon. It's provided by the Grizzly SMS activation service. Along with the number comes a guarantee of receiving SMS, very attractive message reception costs, ease of use of the service, and complete anonymity – give it a try!

Ozon Card Cashback Terms

So, what can a marketplace client expect: when making purchases with an Ozon Bank card outside of Ozon, you can get up to 25% cashback in rubles. Accrual conditions:

  • Cashback is awarded to users with Basic, Extended, or Maximum accounts;
  • Credited for purchases made outside of Ozon;
  • Cashback is credited once a month in rubles;
  • The accrual date is individual and available in the Bonuses section in Ozon Bank.
  • Increased Ozon cashback – up to 25 percent;
  • Cashback is rounded down to the nearest ruble;
  • Cancelled if the transaction is cancelled or the purchase is returned.

Types of cashback:

  • Increased cashback up to 25%: credited to three categories chosen for the month;
  • Additional cashback from SBP and the "Mir" payment system: for participants of the "Privet!)" loyalty program;

Conditions for receiving additional cashback:

  1. Have a Maximum account in Ozon Bank;
  2. Register on the loyalty program website;
  3. Add the Ozon Bank "Mir" card in the program's personal account;
  4. Make purchases from program partners.

Accrual limits:

  • Maximum 1500 rubles per month for increased cashback categories;
  • Maximum 3000 rubles per month in total.

Increased cashback categories: you can get up to 25% cashback on your Ozon card in rubles for purchases outside the marketplace. Categories are chosen for the month a few days before it starts. You can choose up to four categories.

How to Get Cashback on Ozon

Cashback from Ozon Bank for purchases outside the marketplace is provided to Ozon cardholders. To open them, you first need to create an account in the service. Registration is simple:

  1. You need to provide a phone number on the Ozon bank website;
  2. Then you'll receive an SMS on your number;
  3. Use the password from the SMS to confirm registration.

Next step: opening an Ozon card with 25% cashback. This also requires receiving an SMS on the number provided during registration. After opening the card, you'll have access to 4 categories of increased cashback (25%) and 1% cashback on all other purchases. You can activate them in the "Bonuses" section of your account (you need to select 4 categories of increased cashback and the "1% on all purchases" option). After this, you can top up the card and make purchases outside the marketplace.

How to Get 25% Cashback on Ozon in All Purchase Categories: Instructions

As mentioned above, increased Ozon cashback is provided to one user only in 4 categories. For all others, you'll have to settle for a 1% return. But if you create several accounts in the Ozon bank system and open several cards, you can increase the number of categories with increased cashback.

For this, you only need to take care of new mobile numbers to register additional profiles and open cards. It's not necessary to buy real starter packs for these purposes. You can use the "Grizzly SMS" SMS activator. It's significantly cheaper and completely anonymous. Here's how you can get additional cashback on your Ozon card outside Ozon:

First, buy a virtual number and register a new account on Ozon:

  1. Register on the Grizzly SMS website;
  2. Top up your account to buy a number;
  3. Choose the "Rent a number" section;
  4. Select the service (Ozon) and mobile operator country (Russia);
  5. Confirm the number rental;
  6. Copy the purchased number in the "Received numbers" section;
  7. Go to the Ozon bank website and click on "Apply for a card";
  8. First, the service will require creating a new account. Use the rented number for its registration;
  9. The system will first make a call to the specified number. Wait until you can request the SMS code and do so;
  10. You'll find the SMS code in the "Received numbers" section next to the rented number. Use it to complete the profile registration.

Now you need to open an Ozon bank card with 25% cashback for selected categories:

  1. Click "Apply for a card" again;
  2. The system will make another call, and after that, send a code via SMS to the rented number;
  3. Confirm the card opening using the new SMS code. It will also be in the "Received numbers" section;
  4. Fill in the necessary information;
  5. In the "Bonuses" section, specify 4 Ozon cashback categories outside the marketplace and 1% on all other purchases;
  6. Top up the card and start shopping.

And if you need additional categories of increased cashback, simply repeat the entire described procedure as many times as you need new categories.

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