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Registration on Grindr without mobile number

Grindr was one of the first mobile services that used geolocation for searching for people in the nearby territory in a real-time mode. And it is one of the most popular sources in the corresponding sphere. Despite the fact that its target audience is limited, today, a significant part of Internet users wants to know how to get a Grindr account without phone number. And here is why:

  1. Due to obvious reasons, a bigger part of users wants to access this source on an anonymous basis.
  2. For a more efficient search, it is better to open several profiles, and each of them must be linked to a new number. But buying a SIM starter kit for each of such accounts is extremely unreasonable.
  3. When access to a user’s old account is blocked, and he needs a new one, but he does not have an extra mobile number.

How to use Grindr without number with the help of the source Grizzly Sms?

Registration on Grindr without a phone number is pretty simple and consists of two stages:

Stage 1. Buying a virtual number:

  • sign up for our service. It is quick and absolutely anonymous. You will need only your electronic address or your profile on Vkontakte, Instagram, or Facebook;

Image 1 Grindr no phone number registration

  • deposit the balance of your account. Note that prices on Grizzly Sms are among the cheapest. You can buy a number for Grindr for about 7-14 cents!
  • choose the necessary country of a phone operator and the service itself.

Image 2 Buy a virtual number for Grindr

  • press “Buy” and copy the phone number generated.

Stage 2. Now, we will explain to you how to verify Grindr without phone number:

  • open the website of Grindr on your PC or get into the corresponding mobile app;
  • start the registration of a new profile;
  • in the field for phone verification, paste the temporary number received;

Image 3 Create a Grindr account without phone number

  • copy the code, which will arrive at your personal cabinet on Grizzly Sms;
  • enter the code in the line needed and complete the sign-up procedure on Grindr.

Image 4 How to use Grindr without number

Why is it better to use a virtual number instead of your real one?

Grindr no phone number registration provides several advantages compared to a standard procedure:

  1. Low cost of incoming messages. It is cheaper than buying a real number or a ready account.
  2. High speed of operation. SMS messages arrive almost instantly.
  3. Anonymity – you will keep your real contact number secret.
  4. Due to the convenience of use, it allows you to create any number of profiles quickly and easily – by the way, not only on Grindr but on most other popular Internet sources as well!
  5. In case anything happens – the helpful technical support team of the website is at your service.