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Registration in Vkusville without a phone number

How convenient it is that a specialized network for the sale of appropriate products has appeared for connoisseurs of healthy food. And, of course, with its own Internet platform for selling goods online. But how to enter your Vkusville personal account without a phone number in order to gain access to healthy goodies? Everything in order.

To begin with, we will explain to whom this method of logging into an account will be useful:

  • those who want to receive quality products at home;
  • those who do not want to show their real number when registering on various Internet services;
  • those who prefer to use mobile applications instead of browser versions;
  • as well as for those who want to repeatedly receive bonuses for the first order from the account.

How to register in Vkusville without a number using the "Grizzly Sms" service?

To receive all the bonuses of the company's client, you need to create a personal account in the system. Registration in Vkusville without a phone number consists of two stages:

  1. The first step is to buy a virtual number to register on Vkusville. It's as easy as shelling pears and takes literally one minute:
    • log in to "Grizzly Sms" using your personal mailbox or social network profile;
    • check the cost of a one-time reception of a registration SMS from Vkusville (or long-term rental of a number) and top up your account with the required amount;
      now directly select the country of the telephone operator and the service itself and complete the purchase;
  2. After the number is purchased, it remains to register in Vkusville without a number:
    • Upon completion of the registration of receiving a registration SMS, you will receive a generated number, which must be used when creating an account in Vkusville;
    • to complete registration, use the verification code that will come from Vkusvilla to your account on "Grizzly Sms".

Registration is over, happy shopping!

Why is a virtual number better than a real one?

You will receive a number of benefits if you activate your account using a virtual number. Registration in Vkusville without a phone number (as well as on any other service offered on "Grizzly Sms") will provide you with:

  1. Complete anonymity;
  2. Lack of streams of advertising information to your real number (since you do not use it during registration);
  3. Saving money (a temporary number for a one-time SMS reception is much cheaper than a new starter package);
  4. Additional "goodies" provided to new users of various services (such as bonuses for the first purchase, discounts and gifts). You can register an unlimited number of new accounts and receive a welcome bonus for each;
  5. Saving time (registration with a virtual number is just as fast as a standard one, but buying a one-time message is definitely faster than buying a mobile number or a ready-made account).