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TOP5 Online Services with SMS Verification


Some of the most popular online platforms require users to verify their identity and provide personal information including a phone number. Contemporary internet surfers are closely familiar with the procedure yet think that some SaaS products, social media platforms, and other websites can be used without SMS verification.

While some companies allow users to access their resources without any issues, people interested in using truly popular platforms will find it challenging to register an account without a phone number. Here are five immensely popular online services that require users to provide a valid, often local, phone number.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT

The popularity of this novel hi-tech expert AI system exploded in 2022. In just two weeks, it reached a million downloads. During the next year, it became clear that expert artificial intelligence systems trained by advanced machine learning algorithms will change the future and the ecosystem of the tech sector. Developers and entrepreneurs as well as many specialists working in adjacent areas are significantly disadvantaged if they do not use this tool to enhance their coding, writing, and planning.

It is necessary to use a personal or a virtual phone number to register a ChatGPT account with additional hoops to jump through if you live in Russia or China. The company decided to prohibit users from these countries to access its products. You can bypass this issue with a reliable VPN service and an authentic temporary phone number for SMS verification that you can buy from GrizzlySMS.

Meta’s Instagram

With over 2.4 billion monthly active users, it is hard to imagine that some people do not know about this service and its strict policies regarding new accounts. It is by far the most popular international social media platform. However, users from many countries including Russia, China, some Middle Eastern nations, and others may not be able to create a new account or use the platform in general.

In these countries, to create a new Instagram account without a phone number, you have to get a valid virtual phone number and open the App on your smart device while connected to a VPN service. Interestingly enough, you can easily download the app, but its features will not be available to you without a VPN connection. Note that you should try using an authentic phone number originating from the country you use as a proxy in your VPN application.

Meta’s WhatsApp

This particular messenger has defined interpersonal communication for several generations of mobile phone users. You cannot create a WhatsApp account without a valid phone number. Moreover, you will be limited to just one personal account per device. It is possible to ignore this limitation by using several smart devices without simcards or using Android phones with special apps allowing multiple workspaces or copies of your OS on a single device.

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for business owners and marketers. Multiple efficient advertising strategies involve using personal and business WA accounts to push new products, search for audiences and breaking open unfamiliar markets. Many successful e-Commerce store owners and entrepreneurs purchase virtual phone numbers in bulk at GrizzlySMS to create several WhatsApp accounts for marketing and business purposes.

ByteDance’s TikTok

In January, 2024, the app reached an impressive milestone and shoot through 1.2 billion monthly active users to become the sixth biggest social media platform globally. The lion share of the growth was generated by marketing the app to the US and Canadian audiences. Millions of Americans are now used to watching short videos from TikTok, but the US government is not as excited about the app as its citizens.

With upcoming bans of TikTok in the US, many people from North America won’t be able to use the service without creating a new account with a temporary phone number and establishing a reliable VPN connection. Despite the prohibitions, this social media platform promises to continue growing internationally so learning how to create a new TikTok account without a phone number is a great idea for those who want to use the app for marketing or personal entertainment.

The Telegram messenger

Telegram is quickly becoming the most popular social media platform in the western world thanks to its strong security features and availability in many regions with restricted digital communication options. Recently, the app has been expanding its offerings to business owners, marketers, influencers, and developers. It is embracing web 3.0 with the help from its community and aims to become the most reliable personal communication application with a distinct focus on safety and integrity.

Creating a new Telegram account is impossible without confirming a phone number. Even some temporary numbers will fail to receive a verification code. We strongly recommend using the GrizzlySMS platform to try multiple virtual phone numbers from different countries until you receive a working code that can be used to confirm account registration.

How to register on TikTok, Telegram, or WhatsApp without a phone number?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of contemporary online platforms try to prevent “bot farming” and inorganic marketing by prohibiting users to create new accounts without confirming their phone numbers. While it works as a technique against aforementioned issues, many legit users feel inconvenienced by the necessity to reveal their personal information.

You can get a temporary phone number from GrizzlySMS for a low price and use it to register on a variety of platforms including social media sites, SaaS products, and more. Here are some advantages to using the service:

  • Purchase numbers in bulk to create multiple accounts at once.
  • Get an authentic phone number from a verified local provider.
  • Get an instant refund if you did not receive a verification code.
  • You can use the platform from any country including Russia, China, India, the US, and others.

You can buy a number to register a legit ChatGPT or Instagram account in just a couple of clicks! Get started right now!

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