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Choosing an app to measure internet speed


Standard wired or wireless internet plans promise huge numbers when it comes to the speed of sending/receiving information to the subscriber. But in practice, this is far from always the case, which upsets users. Especially if your favorite show is out in 4K quality. So how do you figure out what the problem is with loading the video or any other data?

The answer is to use an application to determine internet speed. With it, you can immediately determine if your Wi-Fi connection is slow or if the problems are on the side of a particular site. And there is a lot of such software today. So you don't get confused, we offer you an overview of popular services for testing your network connection.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is one of the most well-known apps for measuring internet speed on Android and via the browser on Windows. It allows you to determine download speed, ping, and download speed. If your Wi-Fi connection is slow, you can easily share your test results with your internet provider. By the way, you don't need to download and install it - you can use the browser version on both your computer and smartphone.

The app is perfect for checking streaming video: it plays several clips to measure video quality in your network. In addition to the main results, you will get information on whether your current quality is suitable for use on an Android device. Any problems loading videos will be identified very promptly.

To use Speedtest, you need access to your location and other permissions on your smartphone.


Meteor allows you to quickly check the speed of your internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Launching and conducting a speed test takes just a few seconds with one button press.

This app for dirt speed determines several parameters. The results include download speed, upload speed, and ping. You can also see how well certain applications will work with your current internet speed. Which is very convenient and allows you to identify and in some cases fix problems with the network connection without contacting the operator.

The lack of advertising in the Meteor app is an additional advantage for many and partly explains its popularity (along with good functionality). is a simple online download speed check service. It won't suit those who want to download an app to check their internet speed on their smartphone. All functionality is available online and does not require downloading. This has both its pros and cons (like having to open the browser and find the right bookmark or use Google).

The site is very easy to use: you just need to open it in any browser and the speed test will start immediately. There is no measurement of ping or upload - this service is designed exclusively for quick download speed verification.

Speedtest Master

SpeedTest Master is a simple app for checking internet speed on Android devices. After conducting a speed test, the download and upload speeds are displayed on the home screen, but you need to view an ad to access this data.

With SpeedTest Master, you can also determine the availability of nearby Wi-Fi networks, conduct ping tests, and Wi-Fi signal tests. In the "History" section, you can view data on tests conducted over the past week or month. This statistics will allow you to determine if your provider is fulfilling its obligations, and decide to replace it if necessary.

Although the free version of the app, which shows internet speed, copes well with its functions, you can switch to the premium version to get rid of ads, conduct unlimited speed tests, determine who else is using your Wi-Fi, and check the latency of various websites.

Simple Speedcheck

Simple Speedcheck is an internet speed test app that offers a simple test of your internet connection speed. In addition to measuring speed, it also pings to help you identify connection issues and take necessary steps to resolve them (switch Wi-Fi networks or contact your provider).

You can easily track the history of your tests and get additional tips on working online. When you upgrade to the premium version, you get rid of intrusive ads, although the functionality remains the same.

Speed Test

The SpeedTest app for internet speed is primarily intended to show ads, not to test internet speeds. This is the impression you get after using it. However, like other apps, it can be used to check the speed of your Wi-Fi from your phone. It measures the download speed, upload speed, and ping of your mobile or Wi-Fi connection, which is quite enough to identify problems with the Internet.

The simple interface makes it easy to track internet speed and get additional information about Wi-Fi networks. Note that the app contains a lot of ads that you need to view to access the test results. If you are not ready for this, pay attention to the services above and choose the ones that suit you in order to download the application and find out the internet speed on your phone or computer without extra steps and wasting time.


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