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Earnings in VKontakte: unlimited income for every taste

A social network is called a social network because it allows you to live a life in its digital space that is almost identical to real life. And one of the main features that distinguishes simple messengers and photo hosting from the powerful VK ecosystem is making money online. And we, in turn, additionally note the fact that the standard tools of this platform allow you to start and promote your business practically without investment. The only expenses will be your time and perseverance.

And since the opportunities to organize a profitable business in a social network are quite diverse, below we publish a detailed guide on how to earn money in VK with publicly available methods.

To begin with, a small tip: you should not combine your personal page on a social network with a work one. If you have decided to earn money through VK, you will need additional accounts. And it is best to register them using virtual numbers from the Grizzly SMS service. This is inexpensive, with a guarantee of SMS delivery and completely anonymous.

Earnings in VK by creating and filling accounts

In 2024, ready-made accounts are needed in very large quantities to run a business. And it will be logical to describe first among all VK money making methods the registration and sale of finished pages.

You can go two ways:

  1. Creating and selling pages from scratch. In this case, you register new accounts yourself, optionally fill them with information and sell them on specialized exchanges. For this activity, you will need a large virtual phone numbers (because VK registration is done by phone number with SMS receipt);
  2. Buying accounts and filling them with content. Earnings in VK 2024 begins with the fact that you take empty profiles and fill them with various kinds of information so that there are accounts for female users, male users, from different cities, etc.

Remember, in this case, the cost of the sold account depends on the degree of its completeness and warming up. Empty profiles start at 0.2$ per piece, and you can ask for up to 10$ for a filled out, designed and warmed up one.

Earnings in VK in 2024 on a personal page

There are two main methods by which earnings are made in VK on a page (profile of an ordinary user):

  1. Earnings on likes and reposts: this method involves registering on specialized exchanges, such as Bosslike, where users perform various tasks for which they receive points or money. Usually the tasks come down to liking or reposting certain posts, photos or videos. However, the maximum earnings are usually limited and can be around 2-10$ per day;
  2. Earnings in VKontakte on advertising: if you have a popular account with a large number of followers or friends, you can offer to place ads on your page. This can be a profitable business, but it is important to choose high-quality advertising offers so as not to lose the audience's trust. Refuse those whose offers do not correspond to the interests of your audience.

Remember that successful earning on social media takes time, effort and a strategic approach to choosing and completing tasks or placing ads.

Earnings in VK on a personal group

Earnings in VKontakte in a group can become a very solid source of income. It is based on an active audience with a large number of subscribers. To attract advertisers, you can use specialized sites.

It is recommended to choose popular topics such as cars, finance, design, and others to guarantee high income. Creating a community where you are an expert will help gain audience trust and make your group attractive to advertisers. It is important to develop a content posting strategy and maintain active engagement with subscribers, which contributes to attracting new users and retaining old ones.

However, it is not easy to start promoting a group from scratch, and this undertaking may require time and effort. In addition, initial subscriber growth may be slow. So be prepared to show perseverance and patience.

Earning money on VK: online targetologist

Social media specialists are in high demand today, especially target ologists who know how to work with target audiences. Entrepreneurs spend considerable resources on advertising in VKontakte to attract the attention of the target audience to their goods and services. Targeted earnings in VK are based on this.

Advertising in VKontakte can be different: standard placement in a selected group, contextual advertising (which can be seen on the left under the menu), targeted in the news feed, in the VK app, etc. In order for advertising to be shown only to interested users, community owners turn to targetologists who professionally configure advertising campaigns. This way of earning money can be as profitable as a regular office job.

PR earning scheme in VK

This earning method has been used for a long time not only online. An experienced PR specialist is able to gain audience loyalty and attract new potential clients to the promoted brand. His main goal is to create a positive image of the company or product on social media.

PR specialists earn varying amounts, it all depends on the scale of the brand. For good earnings in VK, a PR manager must have versatile skills and be able to perform almost all functions: from working with journalists to design and programming. Currently, the PR specialist's task is not limited to simple brand promotion, it also includes generating news events, blogging, writing articles for the media, and much more.

Earning money in VK on the application

Applications and games in VKontakte can generate significant revenue if the right niche is chosen and something unique is offered to users. Although this is an earning in VK with investment, sometimes significant, the costs can pay off many times over.

Your game's revenue will come in every time users purchase in-game currency with real money to gain an advantage over other players. This is the main source of income for creators of games in VKontakte.

If you have no experience in developing games and applications for social networks, but you have the finances and desire to create your own project, you can find developers on freelance sites and get to work. However, keep in mind that the larger your audience, the more effort will be required to improve the application.

Designing VK groups: earnings for designers

This way of earning is great for web designers and Photoshop experts. The service of designing the appearance of communities on the VK platform is in high demand today.

Owners of groups and public pages often order the creation of covers, avatars, as well as menu and other element designs. Earnings in VK here can range from 5 to 160$ per order or more, depending on the skill level and graphic editor skills.

Filling public pages: earnings in VK for content makers

Earning money in the VKontakte social network is possible by filling content into other people's communities. Experienced content managers are highly valued today. Their tasks include developing content plans, searching and processing relevant information, using thematic images, and creating interesting and useful posts to get substantial earnings through VK.

Owners of communities, especially in commercial areas, are willing to pay for valuable content for their subscribers. Many content managers manage multiple communities at once, earning 60$ or more for each, depending on the frequency of publications and complexity of the content.

Often, content managers do not create content from scratch, but use ready-made records from other sites or social networks, adapting them to the required style and adding various elements such as polls or podcasts.

VK Business Page: Earning through product sales

Take advantage of selling your products through VKontakte, utilizing the integrated tools of the social network. Sell goods through a group or create a personal storefront to earn on your VK page. Here are some key points of this business model:

  1. Many entrepreneurs successfully earn money without having their own standalone website;
  2. It's important to adhere to the social network's rules when selling and utilize all available trading opportunities;
  3. Considering the growing trend of online shopping, entrepreneurs should actively engage in online sales;
  4. Earnings from sales on VKontakte can vary significantly across different sectors, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.. For example, selling handmade dolls can bring in 250$ per month, and during holidays, this income can increase to 1000$ with sufficient inventory;
  5. Increase your income by allocating resources correctly for trading seasonal and event-specific goods.

Earning on VK with investment: Promoting your services

This method helps attract clients directly through social networks. Do you have skills in cosmetology or car repair? Offer your services, such as paid consultations, to earn on VK.

If you work remotely and don't require visiting clients on-site, your personal page or group can serve as an excellent portfolio with real reviews. VKontakte is one of the largest internet platforms in the world, and not utilizing its capabilities to promote your services would be a missed opportunity.

Affiliate Earning on VK without investment

This method is popular on VK because it doesn't require owning products or providing services. Simply post affiliate links in your group and earn on purchases or registrations made by your referrals in other services. Here's how it works:

  1. Post an advertisement with an affiliate link, for example, for an online ticket booking website in your travel and tourism community. Earn VK income for each ticket purchased by members of your group;
  2. Promote useful gadgets, for example, from AliExpress, and earn your percentage on them;
  3. Place referral links only for products related to your community's theme. For instance, sell books through the Ozon affiliate program if you have a literary community;

This earning method is particularly effective for less-prominent groups where direct advertising is not yet available. There are many case studies and detailed descriptions of affiliate programs online – this will help you choose the right option.

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