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VK sms verification

One of the biggest social networks hugely popular in Asia and Europe, especially in the CIS region, boasts over half a billion monthly active users and offers a variety of mini-services and complete products hosted on the platform without intermediaries.
During registration, you may need to receive a VK SMS code to confirm your identity. While it may not be an issue for a dedicated user of this network, many would rather protect their data or try to bypass this issue for different reasons.
Who might need a service of VK phone number verification?

  • Marketers focus on using social media networks as their main advertising mediums.
  • Entrepreneurs creating e-Commerce projects on VKontakte or promoting their sites. Learn how to create free VK accounts using our service in the article.
  • People use multiple accounts for communication and enjoy the flexibility of having many VK pages simultaneously.

Receive SMS online in VK using Grizzly SMS

While we do not focus on any particular website, many of our regular and new customers purchase with an intent to create a VK page which is why we decided to simplify the process and cater to users who would like to either appear as a local user or want to create multiple bots for marketing purposes.
Here’s a short instruction on how to use our site:

  1. Visit the main page to create a brand new account at Grizzly SMS.

Buy a virtual number for VK at a cheap price

  1. Top up the balance with enough funds to make necessary purchases.

Buy a virtual phone number for VK 

  1. Go to the shop and start filtering out options that do not suit your goals. 
  2. Choose any of the CIS or Asian countries to appear local.

How to buy a phone number for registration on Vkontakte

  1. Use any of the recognized mobile providers in selected regions. Complete your purchase.

Use a virtual phone number for VK

All bought items will be immediately available. We take pride in building a robust infrastructure allowing us to instantly deliver any received messages to reduce wait time and potential failure. If you are looking for a reliable service, we are your best bet!

Choose the best provider of virtual numbers for VK

There are several key reasons why our platform is considered to be one of the best when it comes to purchasing a fake phone number for VK or any other online SaaS product or network. Since we have one of the biggest catalogs on the internet, you will be able to find a suitable solution for anything related to verifying or confirming your identity without actually revealing any personal information.
Here are some of the advantages our customers enjoy:

  • We give you the best price with some items priced at $0.049.
  • Receive messages with no delay and manage multiple SMS receivers at once.
  • Reliable delivery with a very low rate of failure guarantees minimal idle time for marketers.
  • We focus on security and privacy above all else to protect our users from any surveillance.
  • The convenience of the service from Grizzly SMS is unmatched.

One of our core philosophies is that internet users should be free from unwanted data collection and remain anonymous when they want to. This is the key benefit of using our platform.