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How to sign up for VK without a phone number

In 2023, there is a vast scope of reasons to join VK without phone number. One may need an additional profile on this social network for business interests, for personal purposes, or just for the sake of anonymous communication. That is why today the search request “how to create a VK account without number” is as popular as never before.

Regardless of the fact that today, the administration of this social media constantly toughens up its terms of use aiming to end up with the anonymity of users, there are a few solutions that are fully legitimate. Amongst other things, one can try VK registration without phone. Below, we will discuss this very issue.


Can one join VK without phone number?

To understand whether you can register at without phone number, go to the homepage of this media. In front of you, you will see a welcome window and sign-in/sign-up methods. You will find out that, to pass authentication, you will need to make use of your mobile number.

But do not haste to get disappointed as the administration of Vkontakte has left a few loopholes that allow registration on VK without phone number 2023. There are two available options:

  • to get into this social network via your Facebook profile;
  • to go through SMS activation with the help of the service Grizzly Sms.

VK no phone activation via a virtual number

It is currently the simplest and safest way to get fully-functional access to this popular platform. VK registration without phone number is possible with the help of an online service for receiving SMS.

As of now, the best provider of such services is Grizzly Sms. Using our source, you can make any amount of accounts in a matter of minutes and without exposing your real contact information. Besides, receiving a single message via our platform will be much easier and cheaper than buying a real number. On our website, you can buy a virtual number for registration on Vkontakte from 3 cents only.

Try our services and get an opportunity not only to make a VK login without number, but to create accounts on many other popular Internet platforms as well.


Image 1 How to create a VK account without number

We offer you to receive any number of profiles on most social media all around the world fast and cheaply. In addition, if needed, you can use a virtual number from almost any country for passing activation procedures. All these services, as well as a good mood, are waiting for you on Grizzly Sms.


Image 2 Buy a virtual number for Vkontakte

Create Vkontakte without phone number with the help of Facebook

This method is less convenient, but it is still operable so far. Below, you will see guidelines on how to sign up for VK without phone using a profile on another popular platform. So, follow these steps:

  • go to the website;

on its home page, find the button “Log in with Facebook”;


Image 3 How to sign up for Vkontakte without phone number

  • use your login information from this messenger to access VK;
  • complete the creation of a new page by allowing the system to use your personal data.

We must note that this solution is not as comfortable as the previous one as you will not get a fully-featured account. Instead, you will have to fill in captchas all the time. Also, over some period, you will probably be requested to confirm the account via phone.

Registration on VK without a phone number via email

Experienced users of this social network remember that, at some point, it was possible to sign up VK without number by providing an electronic address. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, this possibility is not available.

Today, you cannot use your email to create and verify your profile. But you can utilize a single-use virtual mobile number to receive a message with a verification code. It is equally quick. Besides, to get this service, you will need to provide only your electronic address, which will be kept anonymous for any third parties, including the team of Vkontakte.

Regardless of your purposes, you can freely apply the methods described above for VK registration without phone. Create as many anonymous logins as you need and use them wisely!