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Is there an adequate Tinder replacement in Russia?


At the end of June this year, the globally popular service for finding new acquaintances for various purposes, which was popular in Russia specifically up to that date, left the country. And now many are feverishly looking for a Tinder analogue in Russia. After all, what was tested for years is now unavailable.

We hasten to delight you: we have examined popular services instead of you and will tell you about each one in detail so that you do not remain alone.

VK Dating

The VKontakte service, integrated into the main interface of the social network, provokes some controversial reviews, but this greatly simplifies the registration and use process. The resource can also boast the widest potential user base in the Russian Federation.

This Tinder alternative 2023 in Russia is based on proprietary algorithms and offers the user a potential partner using familiar filters of interests and geolocation. Usually, those options that are physically closer to the user are more preferable.


The oldest Russian online dating service is a platform whose functionality is similar to the popular Tinder and Badoo, which have already left the market. The user fills out their profile data, configures search filters, and expresses their preferences by liking or disliking profiles in the area. This is one of the best options for what to replace Tinder in Russia with.

Previously, Mamba was seen as a service for a more mature audience, but today the situation has changed. Now any person, regardless of the purpose of dating, social status or age, can successfully find a suitable partner. This is evidenced by the emergence of live broadcasts in the service, which emphasizes the relevance and diversity of the service's functionality.


The Beboo dating site stands out for its classic design and minimalist design. User opinions on Beboo differ: some believe that it is great for short-term meetings, while others claim that the service is suitable for different types of dating, including finding friends. And it can be used instead of Tinder in Russia.

Despite the disagreements, Beboo meets the basic needs of users, although it clearly lacks the familiar advanced settings, voice messages and the ability to make calls that are present in some other similar services.


A mobile app focused on intimate relationships. This Tinder analogue in Russia is used mainly to find a partner for sexual encounters. In the profile, the user can specify their preferences, and correspondence in chats is automatically deleted after 24 hours. The app is not free for men, and even the prices for the most "affordable" subscriptions are quite high.


Another veteran in the dating market, distinguished by an extensive history, whose attractive advantage is a huge user base. However, it is worth noting that users of this application instead of Tinder in Russia are mainly people aged 30 years and older.

Interestingly, profiles on this site can be searched and viewed even without registration - however, this advantage only works until your personal information with photos becomes publicly available.


An innovative project from local developers, also focused on serious relationships. After registration, you will be invited to take a short psychological test, and then the service will use this data to select a couple, taking into account personality traits.

Perhaps this is the best option for what works in Russia instead of Tinder right now to find a life partner or true friend. However, it is worth noting that the service does not yet have many users, and there are technical problems. It is important to note that Twinby has only started its journey this year and continues to actively develop.


A domestic service focused, on the contrary, on finding long-term relationships. The questionnaire provides many questions aimed at revealing the nature and selection of the most suitable partner.

Teamo is valued mainly by more mature users, and those under 21 years old will most likely find it more convenient to turn to other applications that work in Russia instead of Tinder right now. In addition, some believe that Teamo pays excessive attention to compatibility of characters.

Leonardo Da Vinci

A popular chat bot integrated into popular social networks. After a little profile setup, the system automatically selects profiles of people nearby.

Some users express dissatisfaction due to the lack of good search filters and minimalist design of this Tinder replacement in Russia. Among the advantages, they note the simple interface and lack of unnecessary features. "Da Vinci" mainly attracts a young audience. For those over 30, it may be more difficult to find a suitable partner.


An excellent option for determined individuals. This Tinder analogue in Russia cannot boast of swipes or long negotiations in chat - you simply determine the time and place, and then choose a suitable person from users who wish to join. This way you can get many unexpected acquaintances.


An unusual option for those who value voice over appearance. In addition to the usual descriptions and photos, this application offers you to record an audio business card, and it is by voice that partners are selected for communication.

If you still do not know what to replace Tinder in Russia with, keep in mind: viewing photos on VOX is available only to those with whom you have a match match. The main interaction in chats takes place by voice, although there is also the ability to communicate by text messages.

The VOX dating approach is not suitable for everyone, but for some this method is of greater interest compared to standard methods of exchanging contacts.

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