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Can you have 2 Vinted accounts?

The Lithuanian platform for the exchange of new and used clothes was originally created so that thrifty ladies could realize their boundless wardrobe fantasies. Today, when the online second hand has grown throughout Europe and even reached North America, the site has become not only a place for inexpensive shopping, but also a place where you can sell and make good money to various enterprising citizens. And for the latter , you will most likely need Vinted multiple accounts , about the subtleties of creating which we will tell you in this article.

Well, to begin with, we will tell you about the super convenient SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms". Wherever you want to register a new account and verify a phone number, we always have reliable virtual numbers for you at low prices and a 100% guarantee of receiving SMS. Try  to get a lot of accounts on Vinted with our help today and you won't regret it!

Register several accounts on Vinted using a virtual number

Perhaps the most rational way for today is to create an additional account on any Internet platform. Of course, to create a second Vinted profile, you can go the standard way and buy a new starter pack. However, after verifying your account, you will realize that by and large you no longer need a SIM card, and the money has already been paid...

Or you can search on Lithuanian forums for sellers of existing accounts, and purchase one of them. However, to create a successful business, this is absolutely not an option, since you may lose access to the purchased account on the same day.

Hence the conclusion: if you need several profiles on Vinted, you cannot do without a reliable SMS activation service. Such is "Grizzly Sms", because it values its customers and counts on long-term cooperation. And not unreasonably, because:

  • you always receive SMS messages to our numbers. Otherwise, customers are provided with other numbers or money is refunded;
  • the price of our services is the lowest among the suppliers of 100% reliable numbers;
  • we always have any necessary number of available contacts on sale. With which you can create accounts on a wide variety of Internet sites;
  • you can get multiple accounts on Vinted and other services from the numbers of almost all countries of the world;
  • regular users of our site note the convenience of the service, high speed, a variety of payment methods and high-quality support chat for any questions on the topic.

The second profile on Vinted: step-by-step instructions

To consolidate the material, we will show in practice how to use the SMS activation service to finally convince you of the rationality of this option. Let's take an example of how the creation of a second Vinted account goes:

  1. Log in to our website. Authorization can be performed with the help Microsoft Windows, macOS or from any smartphone;
  2. In the list on the left side of the page, select the parameters you need (the country of the telephone operator and the required service);
  3. Top up the balance in the system in a convenient way (the cost of receiving a message is indicated next to the name of the site);
  4. In order for the 2nd account on Vinted to become yours, go back to the service selection page and click on “Buy”;
  5. On the “Active Numbers” tab, copy the generated number;

Go to the marketplace website or launch the mobile app and complete the standard registration using the purchased contact. You will find an SMS with a confirmation code in the “Active numbers”.