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How to buy on Vinted: overview of the popular marketplace


Internet second–hand is not a very common scheme for online business. However, the Lithuanian project Vinted managed not only to promote itself in its native country, but also to enter the European market. What can I say, today the marketplace of used clothing and accessories is available even in North America. Try to understand the reasons for such popularity of the service in this material.

Vinted online Store: general information

The platform appeared in a year, the founders Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas are entrepreneurs from Vilnius. The idea was to create a website where women could sell their clothes. The marketplace proved to be in demand and quickly conquered the female population of Lithuania. After that, the assortment gradually (or rather the categories of trade) was supplemented with men's, children's clothing, as well as accessories. Moreover, all this could be either already used or completely new.

The popularity of the store has not been limited to Lithuania alone, and as of today, the marketplace operates in many European countries, in the USA and Canada (17 countries in total).

The platform is available both in the desktop PC version and from smartphones (Android and iOS). Trading takes place in categories through forums where buying, selling and exchanging clothes and accessories are possible.

In 2023, the number of active users of Vinted exceeds 25 million, the daily growth of new accounts is in the tens of thousands.

How to buy on Vinted

The first thing worth noting is the variety of offers. The Vinted range is quite capable of turning the head of an unprepared fashionistas. Therefore, a novice buyer should actively use filters, which is what more experienced users do, thus screening out mountains of clothes. You can filter by brand, color, condition and many other parameters. There are also many thematic articles where you can learn about existing trends.

An approximate algorithm that the buyer should adhere to:

  1. Apply suitable filters;
  2. Put suitable products in the category of things you like (use the heart-shaped icon);
  3. Contact the seller, request additional information if necessary;
  4. Click on the purchase button. Place an order and specify the delivery parameters;
  5. Pay for the order (you can use a bank card,  PayPal electronic money);
  6. Receive the goods by the chosen method;
  7. In your Vinted account, complete the purchase procedure, indicating that everything is in order or there are problems with the order.

How to sell on Vinted

The sale of clothing in this marketplace also has its own characteristics. The actions of the seller in general look like this:

  1. Creation and verification of the seller's account by phone number;
  2. Creating an ad for the sale of clothing;
  3. Waiting for potential buyers and answers to their questions;
  4. Bargaining (in the process of which it is possible to adjust the price in one direction or another);
  5. Sending the goods to the buyer (the cost of shipment is always paid by the buyer);
  6. Receiving payment after the buyer clicks on “It's all right.”.

Note that the system does not charge a commission from sellers. The cost of maintenance falls on the shoulders of buyers in the amount of 3 to 19% of the purchase price.

Can you cancel an order on Vinted

Any of the parties to the transaction in Vinted has the right to refuse further cooperation. To do this, open the chat window with the counterparty and select the “Cancel transaction" option. You must also specify the reason for this action.

To prevent a downgrade of your rating, it is important to always reach mutual agreement with the counterparty on a particular issue. Cancellation of payment is possible as long as the seller has not yet sent the goods. The refund after the cancellation of the order will take some time, depending on the chosen payment system (up to several days usually).

In any conflict situations, communication with the system administration is provided. Vinted marketplace provides for communication with technical support by filling out an electronic form on the store's website, sending a message in the forum, sending a paper letter to the head office of the management company.

How to sell more on Vinted?

Since the marketplace is essentially a flea market, the appropriate tools here are bargaining, a vivid description of goods, as well as working with the target audience. In particular:

  • do not strive for super profits by setting price tags on your products. People here are trying to save money/do business. Think over a competent pricing policy;
  • buyers love good photos. An excellent option would be photographing things on a white background from different angles;
  • when something is unclear, buyers demand answers to their questions. Try to respond to them as quickly as possible while they are interested in your dress or hoodie.

Vinted online store: quick registration using a virtual number

To start trading on the Lithuanian platform, you will need an account verified by phone number. And since the marketplace does not officially work with Russia and other CIS countries, a rational option would be to use a virtual number linked to one of the countries among the service coverage.

Pay attention to Lithuanian, Austrian, German, French, Canadian, American and other virtual numbers for which registration in the Vinted online store is possible. Here you will find any number of available contacts you need to register.

And here you can read how to create an account on Vinted without extra effort.

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