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Marketplace Analytics Services: Overview


Online trading is becoming more and more complicated every year: sales turnover is growing, and the product range is expanding. And not every owner of such a platform can independently assess the effectiveness of their work today. To make life easier for such entrepreneurs, special programs - parsers - were created. If this word is new to you, and the described task is relevant, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our material and learn what a modern marketplace analytics service is.

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How Does a Marketplace Analytics Program Work?

The basis of each service is an IT solution known as a parser. A parser is a program that determines the amount of product remaining in stock and the number of units sold over a certain period.

Here's how a free marketplace sales analytics service works in practice: the parser goes to the marketplace website and adds the product to the cart. This process is repeated until the product runs out. The parser remembers the amount of product in the cart and records it as the current balance.

The next day, the parser again goes to the product page and adds it to the cart. The difference between the data from yesterday and today determines the number of products sold in the last 24 hours. This is how data is collected. The algorithms are the same for all services, the differences lie in the additional functions, which are described in more detail below.

Marketplace Sales Analytics Services: Functionality

Additional features can vary greatly, including the depth of analysis. Here are the main functions by which you can judge how effectively you can use a particular free and unregistered marketplace analytics service:

  1. The number and rating of trading platforms available for analysis;
  2. Variety of research tools, including internal analytics of your own sales and competitor data, external analytics, and other capabilities;
  3. The essence of the analysis: the types of information provided by the program - for example, analysis of product profitability, market volumes, statistics on specific items, as well as analysis of competitor sales, geographical data, and others;
  4. The volume of analyzed products and categories. An important parameter of the marketplace sales analytics program;
  5. The periods for which the analysis is carried out: weeks, months, years, etc.;
  6. Information on rules and innovations on trading platforms;
  7. Additional functionality: availability of mobile apps, messenger bots, browser extensions, SEO monitoring, Data Science research (including forecasting taking into account seasonality, trends, and sales);
  8. The website's pricing policy: the cost of a subscription and available service packages.


Moneyplace is popular among sellers and is actively promoted in the market due to its modern and user-friendly interface.

The main tasks of this platform are marketplace service and analytics that allow obtaining data not only on Ozon and Wildberries, but also on AliExpress Russia, "Megamarket", "Yandex Market" and KazanExpress. The number of marketplaces for analysis depends on the selected tariff plan. A unique feature of the service is the use of its own neural network, which analyzes the niche according to hundreds of parameters and assesses its attractiveness.

The cost of a Moneyplace subscription has a significant spread - from 3,990 to 89,990 rubles. The recommended tariff is considered to be Premium for 19,900 rubles.

The platform has a high rating of marketplace analytics services due to:

  • the sampling period is 90 days, which allows for fairly accurate sales analyzes in the category;
  • increased download to 2000 product rows, which is useful for analyzing wide product categories;
  • data from all six major marketplaces is available for analysis.

Comparison of marketplace analytics services also revealed some shortcomings:

  • relatively low system speed, especially when loading charts and data;
  • the need to switch between FBO and FBS modes to view data for the two models, as well as manual summation of data between them.


The Sellmonitor marketplace sales analytics service has a minimalist design. For some users, this can be an advantage, as the lack of unnecessary details does not distract from the work.

Sellmonitor analyzes data from four popular marketplaces: Wildberries, Ozon, Yandex Market, and AliExpress, which is usually sufficient for most sellers. Its functionality is standard: users can conduct analysis for individual product cards, product categories, brands, and suppliers. The parser is one of the most affordable paid services with a single tariff of 4,900 rubles per month.

The high speed of the service is especially noteworthy - it quickly processes data even in the case of large product categories, which is why it is included in the top marketplace analytics services. The information provided by the service is detailed and complete, which makes it quite comprehensive for data analysis.

One of the features of the service is the in-depth SEO module. Sellmonitor recognizes the textual product descriptions and offers recommendations for correcting syntactic structures, which can be useful for content optimization.


This parser was previously considered the standard for analytics, but competitors quickly caught up and even surpassed it in functionality. After improvements, the MPStats marketplace analytics service has become the standard among analytical services for Wildberries and is successfully used for data analysis on other marketplaces.

Key features of MPStats:

  • Integration with Wildberries, Ozon, and Yandex Market (starting from 2023);
  • "Single window" mode, combining all the necessary functions for working on marketplaces in a convenient interface;
  • Analysis of reviews in the niche, product characteristics (SKUs) of the best sellers, predictive models based on artificial intelligence, analysis of promotions, geography of orders, and creation of product descriptions using artificial intelligence based on keywords from the semantic core;
  • Tools for working with advertising, automated responses to reviews, as well as a repricing tool.

This marketplace analytics service offers several tariff plans:

  • Ready-made toolkits for working with a single marketplace or the ability to purchase individual modules;
  • Subscription cost varies from 3,000 to 22,000 rubles per month, depending on the selected tariff.

In addition, MPStats has a free browser extension that facilitates the use of the service.


SellerFox provides the user with a dashboard with numerous metrics for quickly viewing the fastest-growing niches and products on all six major marketplaces.

However, SellerFox has many drawbacks and is unlikely to make it into the best marketplace analytics services:

  • The product card has a significant amount of empty space;
  • The graphs on the product card are not informative and take up a lot of space, making it difficult to analyze data on sales in rubles and pieces, as well as balances;
  • The "Category Analysis" function is not clearly available on the dashboard and is difficult to find in the service interface, which may cause inconvenience for new users;
  • Additional features are difficult to distinguish due to the inconvenience of the interface.

SellerFox's pricing plans for marketplace analytics programs:

  • "Standard" for 5,499 rubles per month, designed for one user;
  • "Corporate" for 7,999 rubles per month, designed for a team of up to five people.
  • One free hour for any user;
  • 24 free hours for sellers, provided that the SellerFox account is linked to the seller's personal account on Ozon or Wildberries.


Shopstat is a completely free service. However, the accuracy of the data here is not high, which makes it difficult to find its advantages (besides the price). The functionality of Shopstat is limited, and the graphs are mostly uninformative. In addition, the platform is often unavailable.

The marketplace analytics service Shopstat can be useful if you have used up your subscription to a paid service, but you want at least some data for analysis. Or for training beginners. No more than that.



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