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What SMM tools would be better to use in 2024?


Not a single high-quality promotion of goods and services through the Internet is possible without competent use of specialized software, sites and services. The so-called tools for smm are among them. The larger their range and the better Internet marketer knows them, the higher sales of employers go. Therefore, now we will dive into the topic as deeply as possible, and in this article we tell everything about popular free social media manager tools and paid ones. For those who just begin to make money using social media marketing, we recommend reading the article - “What does an SMM manager do and how much does he or she earn”.

SMS activator - the main SMM service

A skilled specialist in the field of Internet promotion cannot do without registering a bunch of accounts on various social media along with instant messengers. As you know, expensive phone numbers are needed for this. To save the budget on creating accounts, you should use SMS activation services - the convenient social media marketing tools.

These are sites (Grizzly Sms, for example) where you always can buy virtual (one-time) phone numbers and receive SMS and link the purchased temporary number when signing up for a new anonymous account.

Perhaps SMS activation service is the only SMM tool that does not offer a workable free version. The probability of receiving SMS is the main indicator for such a services, and it is equal to 0 for free numbers. To make sure you wil receive a text message, you should use reliable phone number providers that guarantee a verification code, do not set high prices and have an extensive catalog of numbers for any online sites from mobile operators from different countries.

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Basic tools for social media managers

Surprisingly, there are many services that provide significant assistance to marketers on a free basis. This does not negate the fact that the vast majority of them offer paid subscriptions with premium functionality for their customers. Thank God, many routine tasks can be done in free versions of top services.

Such online SMM software can be divided into several categories such as:

  • Publication planning;
  • Content creation;
  • Analytics;
  • Mention monitoring;
  • Audience search.

Publication scheduling

As for effective scheduling your social media posting, several tools can come to the rescue. Look at  the main smm marketing tools used for that:

Facebook provides smm managers with two separate tools: Business Suite and Creator Studio. Since this services are not combined into one tool, one can always use them separately. They provide the ability to schedule posting on Facebook along with  Instagram, IGTV, and Stories. You can schedule your posts for any period of time, but be careful so that not to accidentally postpone a post far away to the next decade.

YouTube Studio offers a video scheduling feature. SMM managers use it to defer community posts through the channel home page.

TikTok also has a scheduler for videos. You need to log in to your TikTok account with the help of a desktop computer to use it, set the profile type to Business, upload the video, and set up a posting time. Posts scheduling trough the TikTok mobile version is not available yet, but the developers are probably developing this feature.

Delayed posting is unavailable within the Twitter ecosystem, and community continue to struggle for adding a tweet editing feature. Nevertheless, MEGAPOST service allows you to create an account, set it up in 5 minutes, and make delayed posting on Twitter.

Unfortunately, there is no single app allowing to schedule publishing content for all sites for free. Different social media tools must be used to manage the posts scheduling within various platforms.

Content creation

Several services can help you to prepare marketing content. Different social media allow using smm tools in digital marketing in different ways with different returns. Only your own experience can help you decide which one suits you best.

  • using the notes on your smartphone is one of the best SMM marketing tools that help you to create content. Just write down your crazy ideas for videos, posts, stories there, and then re-read, delete or supplement them. The main rule - do not publish immediately, give yourself time to edit  the content and improve it. Just a one simple tool, but it will help you to organize your ideas and save them for future reference;
  • if you're looking for more mundane tools, the free version of Canva offers you many useful content creation features. Use it to render posts, stories, video covers, presentations, logos, and cards. All the materials that you create are available online via the link to be edited on your smartphone or a laptop;
  • it may seem strange, but SMM services also include tools for checking text for grammatical and stylistic errors such as Hemingwayapp, Grammarly and LanguageTool. Hemingwayapp will help you remove introductory constructions, clericalism and other text "garbage" elements. ALanguageTool will help you detect typos, stylistic and grammatical errors. You may want to run your text through both of the services to ensure its quality.

SMM analytics tools

It is critical for SMM professionals to use analytics tools that help in analyzing results, track their competitors and gain understanding of audience. First of all, it concerns social media analytics. Those who develop such platforms have long understood that user activities are not a secret, and began to provide creators with software for smm which analyze user engagement and activity data.

However, when more detailed information is necessary, applications such as SocialBlade can be considered.They provides analytics of competitors' social media accounts. By using Agorapulse platform, manager can compare this data with those for his/her own brand.

When it is necessary to track mentions of a brand, it will be very difficult without using some special SMM tools. Babkee is one of such tools, which provides information about your brand's mentions in social media along with competitor activity and user data. However, it should be noted that Babkee does not collect data from Facebook platform, and the reason for this remains a mystery.

In general, analytics tools is an integral part of an SMM specialist`s work, especially when we talk about social media marketing tools for small business. Cheap smm services provide SMM managers with valuable insights into user engagement, competition, and brand response, enabling them to make more informed decisions in developing their strategies.

Mention monitoring

It is almost impossible to find a positive or negative review (most likely the last one) about a brand without manual searching its name. However, Babkee service offers SMM tools for monitoring mentions in social media platforms along with tracking competitors actions and obtaining user data.

Audience search

When it is necessary to find and attract some target audience, TargetHunter service can be used, which offers 24 free tools for collecting an audience taking specified criteria into account. This SMM service also provides ready-made databases compiled by community. Free access periods vary from a few days to a week, which makes TargetHunter convenient to use when you are in need of building an audience just one time.

When it comes to conducting social media contests, it can be both a golden opportunity and a nightmare. It seems impossible to weed out those who want only to receive prizes, track the fulfillment of the conditions without spending all your personal time on it. However, there are services that help to cope with these tasks.

For example, the service does not allow you to completely relax, since you will need to collect data on the participants, type this data into a table, and then upload the information to select a winner randomly. However, among the advantages of this SMM tool, its speed may be noted.

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