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Basic methods of creating an account on AliExpress without phone number

Today, running a business has become much easier due to the opportunity to sell goods via the Internet. There are numerous specialized platforms for buyers and sellers. So, Alibaba is considered the largest source for bulk deals, while AliExpress, which belongs to the same group of companies, specializes in retail merchandise.

In this article, we will focus on the second platform. It can boast a well-developed system of delivery to any point on the globe, protection of all the participants of a deal, and an extensive range of other benefits. Let us discuss how to pass AliExpress without phone number and which alternatives we can offer. By the way, you can use the instructions below for accessing Alibaba as well. Both of these services have a single registration interface.

Which categories of users may need such a sign-up option? Registration on AliExpress without phone number is often needed for creating several profiles. It is especially beneficial for suppliers as it allows them to sell the same kind of goods from different accounts. That increases the chances to sell more goods and allows to promote a business at minimum cost. Besides, many users want to preserve their anonymity on the Web when using this marketplace.

How to enter AliExpress without phone number

The system of this trading platform offers standard variants of quick access with the help of accounts on social networks. So, open the registration form, where you need to find the corresponding buttons at the bottom. We have marked them on the screenshot below.

Methods of registering on AliExpress without phone number

Accessing AliExpress without phone number involves logging in via an account on:

  • Facebook;
  • Google;
  • Linkedin.

When you press one of the buttons, you will be directed to the corresponding window.

How to sign up for AliExpress without phone number

After you make the choice, the profile will be created in automated mode. The marketplace will use the information from the account selected. It is the only official option to create AliExpress without phone number.

It provides access to the entire functionality of the service. And such a user can act both as a buyer and as a seller. However, the website will offer you to fill in the contact number from time to time for full verification. But the major drawback of this method is the necessity to obtain corresponding profiles on social networks. And, to create them, you will need to disclose your mobile number anyway.

How to make an account on AliExpress without phone number with the help of the service Grizzly Sms

There is a much simpler approach, which will allow you to avoid numerous complications. It is not obligatory to link a SIM card to sign up for AliExpress without phone number. The service Grizzly Sms will help you. Here, you can buy a virtual number for verification on AliExpress or any other website. We compiled a detailed guide on how to cope with the task mentioned.

How to use Grizzly Sms

The procedure of purchasing a mobile number is as quick as possible. It involves the following stages:

  1. Make a profile on the website Grizzly Sms. As for the personal data, you will need to disclose only your electronic address.

How to join AliExpress without phone number - instructions

  1. Deposit your balance using one of the convenient variants. 

How to create AliExpress without phone number

  1. Go to the purchase form. Enter the name of the country needed or select it from the list. The same scheme is for choosing the service. Press “Buy” to make a purchase.

Buy a virtual number for AliExpress

Now, you’ve got a virtual number at your disposal, which can be used for registration on the platform selected. In the case specified, it is the marketplace AliExpress.

How to get into AliExpress without phone number with the help of a virtual number

Let us move to the final stage of the process of account creation.

  1. Start the standard procedure of registration. In the form presented, all the lines are obligatory to fill in. You should specify the email address, the name of your company, as well as the status at this marketplace (a buyer, a seller, or both).

How to get an account on AliExpress without phone number

2. Paste the virtual number purchased before. Move a slider to the right as far as it will go.

3. Then, you will see a notification that an SMS with a verification code is sent to you. Go back to the personal cabinet on the website Grizzly Sms, where you should open the message and copy the code. Paste it into the website of the marketplace, and your account will be ready for use.

A virtual number for AliExpress

So, we have discussed the instructions on how to join AliExpress without phone number. Grizzly Sms will be the best choice in such a situation. Compared to other websites selling virtual numbers, it provides an impressive range of advantages:

  • low prices;
  • instant SMS receipt;
  • a huge selection of platforms;
  • a convenient interface.

Another argument worth mentioning as a separate point is around-the-clock technical support.