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Create a Microsoft account without phone number

The ecosystem developed by Bill Gates is just a wellspring of useful sources. So, it is not a surprise that so many Internet users ask: “How to make a Microsoft account without phone number?”. Today, we will try to help you solve this dilemma.

The platform mentioned hosts extremely diversified sources: from an app store (where you can download the Windows operating system to any of your devices) to complex corporate services. But, unfortunately, if you want to obtain full access to all these things, you need to have a profile there. At the same time, despite today’s reality, registration of a Microsoft account without phone number is both possible and rather unconventional.

Before you start reading these materials, make a visit to Grizzly Sms – the website specializing in virtual number distribution. There, you will get an opportunity to pass fully-featured registration on a large number of popular platforms from all over the globe. Quickly and cheaply. And absolutely anonymously!


Image 1 How to make a Microsoft account without phone number

How to obtain a Microsoft account without phone number?

First, let us explain why the option of creating a Microsoft account without phone number is extremely useful. In today's world, there is nothing more valuable than privacy and anonymity. Have you noticed that, nowadays, almost all the services require phone number verification? They were the first to understand what true power is.

Hundreds and thousands of Internet sources compile and exchange hundreds of databases where every person is analyzed in full view. Your electronic address and mobile number are not hidden from anybody. So, you must acknowledge that, in such a world, the most important knowledge is how to sign up for a Microsoft account without phone number.

Thus, we believe that, now, an optimal way to utilize all the advantages provided by the World Wide Web is to turn to a service that offers to receive SMS messages online. And one of the leaders of this market is Grizzly Sms. There, you can buy a virtual number for Microsoft for 13 cents only. And here are the key arguments:

  • Absolute anonymity of all operations. No one, including the team of the service itself, will learn your number and identify your personality.
  • Our fees are among the lowest on the market.
  • An opportunity to register operable profiles on all the popular Internet platforms, not only on Microsoft.
  • If in your country the platform needed is blocked or banned, you can choose a phone operator from any other country. This function is highly useful in the modern world.
  • High speed of operation. A waiting period – up to 2 minutes. In case an SMS is delayed for longer, you can always refuse the number bought and select another one.
  • Reliability. It is definitely higher than when you purchase a ready account from an unknown seller.
  • The efficient support service that really helps to solve appearing questions.

So, how to enter a Microsoft account without phone number? Here are step-by-step instructions for your attention.

How to make a Microsoft account without phone number via Grizzly Sms?

The process is pretty simple, and it is unlikely to take much time. So, follow the steps below:

  1. Go through an easy registration procedure on our website. You will just need to make a couple of clicks!

Image 2 Get a Microsoft account without phone number

2. Choose the necessary country of a mobile operator and the service itself.


Image 3 Buy a virtual number for Microsoft

3. Deposit your balance in your personal cabinet via a convenient payment means. For your comfort, we accept transfers from all well-known payment systems.

4. Use the number generated by our service for the website selected.


Image 4 How to register a Microsoft account without phone number

5. Wait until our system receives an SMS for verification.

6. Complete the sign-up procedure with the help of a code from a message received. The only thing you need to do is to enter this code in the corresponding field.


Image 5 Create a Microsoft account without phone number

That’s all, now, you know how to create a Microsoft account without phone number. Use in good health.

How to unblock access to a Microsoft account without phone number?

It looks like the answer to this question must be negative. We have already mentioned that modern Internet services tend to demand their users to link their real mobile numbers to every profile. Consequently, if you need to restore a blocked page, you will also be requested to provide your contact number.

Yet, even if you lost both the SIM card, which you used to register that very account, and the corresponding password, do not haste to lose your nerve. You can always utilize the information from the previous point, which describes how to get a Microsoft account without phone number in detail. Hence, you can obtain any number of new profiles on almost any Internet source at any moment. The only thing left is to put this knowledge to good use.

An account on any website serves similar to an official passport. There is all the most necessary information for using a particular source. So, there are questions that arise immediately – “Who stores this data and in which way?” and “Who bears responsibility for it?”. And, if you do not want to search for the answers to all the questions mentioned, use the Web and all the opportunities provided with increased caution. Have a nice day!