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ChatGPT Alternatives: Verify Microsoft Copilot without a Phone Number


Microsoft’s big push to create a massive ChatGPT competitor has been less successful than expected. Nevertheless, their 365 Copliot program seems to be gaining traction among corporations. Note that the minimum order for enterprise seats is 300 so you won’t be able to use this impressive AI system as an individual which explains why the hype is lower for Copilot.

The AI assistant for the 365 ecosystem is not designed as a consumer product. Instead, it operates within corporate frameworks and helps employees expedite their tasks and work more efficiently. As an employee or a hired freelancer, you may still need to use this powerful AI tool. Note that you can verify Microsoft Copilot without a phone number on the Grizzly SMS website, a premium SMS verification platform.

Advantages of verifying Microsoft Copilot with a virtual phone number

This expert artificial intelligence system works as a large language model with extended capabilities and can work excellently within the 365 ecosystem by providing assistance in writing, planning, task delegation, and more. It is a tool that works best for medium to large development teams, office staffers, and hired freelancers who must go through an onboarding process as quickly as possible.

Here are some reasons to use virtual phone numbers for SMS verification within the Microsoft ecosystem:

  • Access the full spectrum of features. Microsoft Copilot has some features that are inaccessible to unverified users even if they are invited to use it via corporate links. In many cases, you also need to use other things like OneDrive and the Office Suite. Verifying a phone number is an easy way to quickly gain access to these valuable instruments.
  • Protect personal information. Many tech giants claim that their security is impeccable, but over 1000 data breaches in the Silicone Valley in 2019 alone paint a different picture. You definitely do not want to expose real credentials by giving them up in a simple registration process. Remember that you can buy a virtual phone number for any online service on the Grizzly SMS website.
  • Create multiple accounts. In some cases, having several accounts connected to Microsoft’s 365 ecosystem can be beneficial. You can provide the necessary tools to all team members even if they do not want to expose personal information. Verify Microsoft Copilot with virtual phone numbers.

Advantages of verifying Microsoft Copilot with virtual numbers online

The Grizzly SMS website is one of the best destinations for users interested in quickly and reliably creating accounts on platforms requiring SMS verification. We offer fake phone numbers from over 100 countries and allow our clients to achieve business and personal goals without any hassles.

Here are the benefits of buying temporary phone numbers for SMS verification from Grizzly SMS:

  • Instant delivery of SMS verification codes (if there are no issues on the side of the mobile operator).
  • A rich catalog. You can buy virtual numbers from over 100 countries for a couple of cents and use them to register on any online service.
  • Responsive customer support team. We are trying our hardest to provide a memorable consumer experience to all our clients.
  • Low prices across the board. You will notice that we offer single-time purchases at price levels usually associated with bulk orders.
  • Convenient payment methods. We accept bank cards, cryptocurrencies, online payments, and more.

How to verify Microsoft Copilot with Grizzly SMS

The procedure takes just a couple of minutes and does not require any technical know-how on your side.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to verify your Microsoft account that allows you to use Copilot:

  • Go to the Grizzly SMS website and log in. Top up your balance if you need to.

  • Choose “Microsoft” in the Service Selection menu.

  • Choose any country you like in the Country Selection menu and click “GET”.

  • On the Received Numbers page copy the number to the clipboard.

  • Go to your Microsoft account page and click “Security”.

  • Choose “Advanced Security Options”.

  • Click “Add a new way to sign in or verify”.

  • Choose “Text a code”.

  • Paste the purchased phone number on the next page.

  • When the 6-digit SMS verification code arrives, use it to complete the registration.

Note that you can use any way of verification after that. We recommend simply switching to email. With a verified phone number, you will be able to use Microsoft Copilot freely and enjoy its powerful set of features.

The Grizzly SMS website instantly displays received SMS codes on the Received Numbers page, but delays on the side of the provider may happen. If something goes wrong and you do not receive a message, your purchase will be fully refunded. Buy cheap virtual phone numbers from the Grizzly SMS website for Microsoft Copilot SMS verification!

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