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Buy Microsoft account quickly and cheaply

Internet users from all over the world have long been accustomed to the fact that each account in any online service must be registered / verified / linked to a payment card using a mobile phone. It is not always convenient to use your personal number. For those who agree, we provide useful information that will allow you to buy a Microsoft account with full access without unnecessary actions.

It will also be useful to get acquainted with the list of services for which registration is available using “Grizzly Sms” temporary numbers. There are hundreds of websites there. In addition, there are numbers from almost all countries of the world. It works quickly, and registration is anonymous. Try to buy a Minecraft Microsoft account using our SMS generator and you won't regret it!

How to purchase a Microsoft account?

In a number of situations where you cannot / do not want to use your real phone number, you can go three ways:

  1. Package and complete a standard registration (expensive and irrational);
  2. Find a seller who will take your money in exchange for an existing account;
  3. Use a virtual number and buy a Microsoft flight simulator account as cheaply as possible (only 1 euro in 2023) and in a couple of clicks.

Obviously, the last way is optimal, since the temporary number allows:

  • save a lot on buying a temporary number (in fact, you pay only for a one-time SMS with a verification code);
  • get full access to the online store of licensed products (software, games, Microsoft Office keys, user support) and at the same time the profile created using virtual SMS verification will be only yours;
  • keep your personal contact secret from the Microsoft Store.

But for all this to become a reality, it is necessary to use a reliable service, which is "Grizzly Sms" for a number of reasons. With our help, you can buy a MC Microsoft account and get a number of additional benefits.

  • the lowest prices for one-time SMS reception;
  • a large selection of sites available for registration;
  • a wide selection of countries with the numbers of which it is possible to verify accounts;
  • always a lot of free numbers for any purpose;
  • modern interface, convenient payment methods, the ability to automate purchases using API – a guarantee of high speed of the service.

Buy Microsoft accounts: step by step instructions

Working with the service will not raise questions even among the most inattentive users, so these instructions are only intended to finally answer questions about the ease of use. To buy a MS account, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register (using only email) or log in your personal account;
  2. Check the cost of receiving a verification message from the selected service (in the lists on the left, select the service and the country of the telephone operator);
  3. Before you buy Microsoft accounts, top up your account so that there are enough funds for the purchase (you can use bank cards, electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency);
  4. On the service page, click on “Buy” next to the site name;
  5. On the “Active numbers” tab, copy the purchased number and use it to register on the Microsoft website;
  6. 6. You will also find a message with a password for verification in “Active numbers”. Complete your account registration with it.

That’s all. Pay attention that the created account will be fully functional and suitable for any purpose. Enjoy it!