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Buy a Vinted numbers at the lowest price

Vinted marketplace is a development of a Lithuanian company that was launched in 2010. The platform was able to attract investments and enter the international market. Now you can use the application on the territory of Lithuania, the USA, Germany and a number of other countries. Need to buy a virtual Vinted number? "Grizzly Sms" service offers favorable terms of cooperation.

Номер телефона для Vinted

Why do you need to buy a Vinted Registration Number

For what reason should I create a profile in this particular marketplace? It's no secret that there are a large number of competitors. Vinted has important features:

  • secure transaction system to protect buyer and seller;
  • the ability to sell not only clothes, but also other items (accessories, goods for children, etc.);
  • fair rating system;
  • guarantee for two days after the transaction.

Vinted PL numbers for registration will allow you to create an account for various purposes. It can be selling personal items or running a small business.

buy a registration number on Vinted

How to buy a virtual number Vinted – detailed instructions

Phones of a large number of countries are available on the "Grizzly Sms" website. The acquisition process is as simplified as possible.

  1. Register a profile in the service. You must specify an email address. Want to create an account in one click? Instantiation requires importing data from a social network (Instagram, Facebook, VK).

Buy a Vinted Number

  1. After authorization, needed to top up your balance. The corresponding button is located at the top of the screen.

Virtual Number for Vinted

  1. We are transferred to the personal account replenishment page. There are Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Google Pay and Apple Pay payment systems to choose from. If cryptocurrencies are used, a Payeer wallet is provided. Click on the option you are interested in. An additional window opens where you need to enter the amount. Money transfer takes place in the shortest possible time.

Virtual Number Vinted - how to buy

  1. Now you can buy a virtual Vinted number. In the first field, select the country of interest, then the service. It is not necessary to look for a suitable option in the list. You can enter it so that the system issues a match. Additional information in the description informs about the number of available numbers and the cost for 1 piece. Click the "buy" button.

Buy a virtual number for registration Vinted

The virtual number is saved in the "Active Numbers" section. Messages with the activation code are sent to the personal account on the website.

Why is it profitable to buy a virtual Vinted number from us

The "Grizzly Sms" service is being developed taking into account requests from users. When compared with competitors, a number of advantages can be identified:

  • affordable pricing policy;
  • large selection of virtual numbers;
  • anonymity of users;
  • offers from more than 260 countries;
  • instant receipt of SMS with a code;
  • significant selection of services;
  • simple and user-friendly interface.

You can buy a virtual Vinted number in a few clicks. We offer only working phones. If you have any questions, it is recommended to visit the FAQ section or ask a question to the manager via the feedback form.