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How to create a second Twitch account quickly and inexpensively?

Perhaps the most popular video hosting service after Youtube is Twitch from Amazon. A variety of interest groups throughout the Network will not find a better place for thematic streams. An immense variety of channels. Attendance aiming for 1 billion users per month. Fabulous advertising revenue. But to start using all this, first you need to learn how to launch multiple Twitch accounts. We will be happy to share this information.

But before that, take a look at the main SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms". There you will definitely find a working virtual number for registration on Twitch and you are guaranteed to get the opportunity to create a fully functional account for just a few cents. Moreover, absolutely anonymously!

How to register a Twitch second account using a virtual number?

Yes, it is absolutely not necessary to spend money on a new starter package to register on the Internet, even if you already have at least one profile in the service you are interested in. In order to create many accounts on Twitch, it is quite enough to purchase a working virtual number.

Note also that the temporary number is not only cheaper, but also easier to handle. The whole process from the purchase of a one-time message reception to the completion of account registration takes a couple of minutes. And you don't even need to get up from your chair.

But before you create a second account on Twitch, you need to find a reliable SMS activation service. Such is the "Grizzly Sms". Judge for yourself, we have:

  • the most attractive prices for virtual SMS activation services;
  • many free numbers for registration on any Internet platforms from providers from almost all countries of the world;
  • the client is guaranteed to receive the verification code and can start streaming, otherwise the system will not charge him;
  • user-friendly interface and different payment methods;
  • cool support service.

Instructions on how to make multiple twitch accounts

Follow a few simple steps and you can start watching your favorite broadcasts. So how do I launch multiple twitch accounts? It's very simple:

  1. Log in to our website using the link. It is not necessary to link an email for authorization, you can log in from your account in your social networks. The choice is yours;
  2. Find the service in the list on the left using the search and select the country of the telephone operator. This is important because Twitch will geographically link your account to the operator's phone code;
  3. Before registering a second Twitch account, top up your account in the system. The cost of a one-time receipt of a message from the service is indicated next to its name. You can use cards from any bank in the world, electronic wallets and crypts. How is it convenient for you;
  4. Go back to the service selection page, make sure that all the parameters are specified correctly and click on “buy" to complete the purchase. The generated phone number will be waiting for you on the “Active Numbers” tab. Copy it to the clipboard;
  5. Open the video streaming site in the browser or launch the mobile application;
  6. Complete the registration by specifying the purchased virtual one as the phone number. You will find the verification code in the "active numbers" on "Grizzly Sms".
  7. If necessary, repeat steps 1-6 the required number of times.