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Can you use Discord without a SIM card?

Every month, this interest messenger, which enjoys huge popularity on the Web, is visited by dozens of millions of unique users. At the same time, many of them do not have even a vague idea of how to verify Discord without a phone. More to the point, they do not even know whether it is possible at all.

We must tell you the good news right away – it is both possible and easy. According to the rules, you are not required to disclose your number to make a profile on this messenger, but, if you want to have access to the fully-functional version of this service, you will have to pass phone verification first. Besides, it often happens that users are asked to disclose their contact data to start communication on this source. That is why, today, we are going to tell you how to use Discord without phone number.


Image 1 Create Discord without mobile number

How to make a Discord account without phone number?

What does one need to get a Discord name without numbers for? Today, this free messenger offers vast communication functionality, like IP telephony and videoconferencing. This aspect turns this service into an irreplaceable instrument for creating and maintaining diversified hobby or interest groups.

So, who is interested in how to join Discord without phone number?

Let us single out the basic groups of the core audience:

  • gamers (in the first place);
  • schoolchildren and students;
  • bloggers;
  • friends;
  • any other affinity group – the service has updated its conception, and, now, any community can find their own benefits of using this source.

But you will probably ask: “Why does a user need to hide his contact data from the system?”. Here is a list of reasons why it is crucial to know how to verify Discord without number:

  1. You strive to avoid exposing your mobile number anywhere at all (today, most online sources do not take much care about the confidentiality of their users, and the fact that you constantly receive enormous volumes of personalized advertisements proves this statement).
  2. You want to have several profiles on this service for any reason.
  3. You value your time and money, which is why you do not want to run to a shop to buy a new SIM card when you need to sign up to another online platform.

So, if any of the situations described are similar to yours, it is advisable for you to learn how to create Discord without mobile number right today. At the same time, it does not matter whether you are going to use the browser version of this program or to download it to your computer.

Get a Discord login without phone number with the help of the service Grizzly Sms

As of now, the most reasonable solution is to turn to a platform selling virtual numbers. Regardless of the reason why you need such services, be sure to pay attention to one of the best players on this market – Grizzly Sms. Here, you can buy a temporary number for Discord for 11 cents only.


Image 2 Can you use Discord without a SIM card?

Among the advantages, which you will get when using a virtual number for receiving a single SMS or renting it for a long term, we must highlight:

  • Complete anonymity. By no means, your personal data will be shared with any third parties.
  • A perfect balance of quality and prices. Our fees are among the cheapest compared to our competitors, besides, you always receive exactly what you pay for – an opportunity to access Discord without phone.
  • Receiving messages to numbers registered in different countries (it is useful in the cases when the necessary service is blocked in the territory of your country).

Image 3 Buy a virtual number for Discord

  • Almost all the most popular global Internet platforms are supported. Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter – you will always have an opportunity to register any number of accounts in different corners of the Web.
  • If you face any difficulties or troubles, you will be provided with high-quality technical support, which will really help you solve any issues.

In addition, there is no risk that you will face any problems with using the Grizzly Sms website. You just need to go through an easy sign-up procedure, send funds to your balance, and receive a code for activation on the messenger selected. Then, you will need to complete the verification, and that's all. Use it in good health.


Image 4 How to verify Discord without a phone

How to recover Discord account without phone number?

As we have already explained above, for registration on the service, it is enough to enter your email address. The same applies to the situations when a user loses access to his account: he can reset a password via his inbox. At the same time, these days, the system often requires users to verify their mobile numbers once again after they restore access to their profiles (and, as we noted before, it is a must for those who want to unblock the entire functionality of the source).

That is why, in some cases, it is easier to create a new Discord account without phone number on the server using the method described above. It is simple, fast, cheap, and, definitely, safer than buying a ready profile. Yet, it is up to you to make a final decision.