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Sell on eBay Like a Pro from Any Country!

When it comes to international commerce, only a couple of household names come to mind and eBay is one of them. With over 152 million monthly active users on the platform globally, it is a reliable destination for sellers and buyers of online goods. While the main markets for the website are still in the Americas, you can leverage the power of e-commerce tools from anywhere in the world!

You can make an eBay account with a temporary phone number from Grizzly SMS for a couple of cents and without any hassles whatsoever. Using multiple accounts at once is a great way of making it big on eBay.

Here are several great tips for people who want to make money on this e-commerce platform and achieve higher sales numbers.

Follow basic rules for listings

Experienced sellers focus on creating listings that engage users, provide the necessary information to buyers, and showcase the best qualities of goods on the digital display. In many ways, you can bypass some of the platform’s limitations by creating several accounts with virtual phone numbers from Grizzly SMS.

Here are some good tips on how to make a good listing:

  • Use the templates. eBay offers a wide range of preset listings that usually catch the attention of people just browsing the online catalog looking for stuff. If you plan to list something that people look up often, you will get additional information already filled in (title, description, some parameters).
  • Choose correct pricing. Gaming the market is quite important for aspiring sellers. Identifying your core audience and learning how much you can charge for specific items take time. When you are just getting started, setting prices in accordance with the market by reviewing listings of other sellers is a good idea.
  • Remember about zero-fee listings. Each account has 250 free listings (up to 1000 for storefronts). You can expand this number by registering additional accounts. It is not hard to buy a temporary phone number for eBay and make another account with 250 more listings. While not a reasonable strategy for someone planning to keep expanding, it is a good way of saving money in the beginning.

Register on social media without a phone number and promote!

The biggest and bestest of friends for a contemporary eBay seller is social media. With enough effort and dedication, you can turn several Instagram and WhatsApp accounts into marketing machines without paying a dime to professionals.

It is possible to run a successful business without owning multiple accounts, but registering several will provide undeniable benefits. You can create additional accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with a virtual phone number from Grizzly SMS for under a dollar each! The platform works for all services that require SMS verification.

Here are some ways of promoting your business using multiple accounts:

  • Boost engagement. Each additional click, like, emoji, and other reaction to posts increases its visibility and drives up engagement leading to more potential sales. If you have several accounts you can simply like and leave comments under your posts to make them appear more engaging to algorithms.
  • Direct marketing. Personal messaging is still a very powerful tool. However, using your personal or business accounts may be suboptimal. We suggest you getting a temporary phone number for WhatsApp or Telegram at Grizzly SMS and make additional accounts specifically for direct messaging.
  • Make posts go viral! Use a multiple-account setup for Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms to expand your audience and quickly promote posts through stories, shares, and cross-platform references.
  • Use creative posts to attract buyers. Short-form videos, images made with AI (for example, you can register a new Midjourney account on Discord with an SMS verification service Grizzly SMS), and other forms of visually engaging content can be extremely efficient when used together with the tricks mentioned earlier.

Be as flexible as possible

Creating multiple accounts using SMS verification platforms is a great way to expand your business presence early. However, understanding how to use basic marketing techniques is not enough to grow on the eBay platform. Personal communication with buyers and flexibility make it easier to build a lasting business.

Here are some ways to sell better:

  • Allow users to counteroffer. In many cases, sales at a significant discount are much better than no sales at all. Buyers who make a counteroffer successfully are much more likely to become return customers.
  • When setting up an auction, be dynamic with prices. If you do not have any bidders for the starting price you chose, it can be a good move to reduce it just one or two days before the end of your auction.
  • Respect your customers. Be ready to answer questions from potential buyers quickly and try to be as accommodating as possible within reason. It is a good idea to try building better relationships on a personal level (add them on WhatsApp or Telegram with a virtual phone number).
  • Experiment with delivery options. Shipping is a preferable way of delivering goods, but you can also try local pickups and couriers when it works better for customers. Be flexible and try to ship as many goods as possible.
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