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Verify a Discord Account without a Phone Number


Discord is a hugely popular VoIP and texting platform turned into a massive social media ecosystem that allows for the creation of dedicated “servers” for closed communities. It has been instrumental in the proliferation of many online movements and is used to this day for a variety of purposes from viral marketing to political campaigning.

The development team behind Discord is focused on creating a safe environment. Certain servers are allowed to demand phone verification from users. If you want to access the full range of features offered by this platform, you can buy a virtual phone number for Discord verification on the Grizzly SMS website.

There are many reasons to use Discord. We hope that our service helps thousands of business owners, freelancing specialists, and people who want to enter closed communities on Discord to achieve their goals effortlessly.

Why should you verify a Discord account with a virtual phone number?

Account verification is not a requirement for Discord users. You can access many servers without exposing personal information. However, some communities may have certain restrictions that prevent users without verified accounts from accessing their content. In some cases, it can be implemented due to imagery, video, and textual information inappropriate for children on the server.

Here are the advantages that you will enjoy if you verify Discord without a phone number using Grizzly SMS:

  • Access all content on the platform shared by millions. If you want the full experience of using Discord, it is necessary to go through the SMS verification process. It takes just a couple of minutes if you use the Grizzly SMS website.
  • Avoid restrictions on Discord. Some users are prohibited from joining certain servers after joining too many communities within a short period, spamming people who are not on their friend list, expressing inhuman behavior, or using third-party apps. Verified users can do some of these things without the same limitations as verified.
  • Verification of the phone happens only once. You don’t need to regularly receive SMS verification codes to access the platform. Use two-factor authentication with an email. Register and verify your Discord account with a virtual number to avoid exposing personal information to the internet.

Advantages of using Grizzly SMS to verify Discord with a virtual number online

Thanks to the rich selection of fake phone numbers and countries of origin as well as many niche products for Telegram power users, the Grizzly SMS website is a popular destination for marketers, freelancers, webmasters, and active internet users who want to use online services safely and anonymously.

Here are some benefits enjoyed by those who buy virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries on the Grizzly SMS website:

  • Quick delivery. Purchased numbers are immediately available for use. Received SMS verification codes instantly appear on the Received Numbers Page.
  • Excellent customer support. You won’t encounter any issues when buying and using temporary phone numbers for SMS verification on the Grizzly SMS website. Our support team is always ready to help.
  • Low prices. It is possible to get a temporary number for SMS verification for just a couple of cents.
  • Additional products for business owners and marketers. Use ready-made Telegram accounts, bots, and other software.

How to get an SMS verification code for Discord

If you encounter a restricted server that you are interested in, we recommend immediately verifying your Discord account with a temporary phone number.

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how you can do it quickly:

  • Register on the Grizzly SMS website or log in if you have an account.

  • In the Service Selection menu look for “Discord”.

  • Choose any country you like and click “GET” right next to it.

  • On the Received Numbers page copy the purchased number.

  • Go to the Discord Web App, click “Settings”, click “Add” for a phone number, and paste it.

  • You will see the message with the SMS verification code shortly.

In some rare cases, an SMS verification code may not arrive quickly. Issues on the side of providers and mobile operators may occur unexpectedly. If the number you purchased did not receive a message within 20 minutes, you will be fully refunded and may attempt to try another number. You can also cancel a purchase at any time as long as it does not receive a message.

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