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How to set up Google Voice without an American number


Google is constantly releasing new products. This allows it to remain one of the leaders in the field of software development. There is a whole ecosystem of applications for all occasions. Google Voice deserves special attention. This service provides digitized voice transmission using the VoIP protocol. The user can integrate into a single system all the phones that he owns. We will try to figure out how to create a Google Voice account without a phone number.

how to create a Google Voice account without a phone number

How to use Google Voice without an American number and why the service is needed

It is necessary to understand the specifics of the service in more detail. The main features include:

  • a single number is created, which allows the integration of all phones;
  • conducting conference calls;
  • changing the number (the service is paid and is activated in the settings);
  • removing the phone in such a way that the caller does not know about it;
  • automatic rejection of calls of those contacts who are in the user's blacklist;
  • blocking specific calls or all incoming calls;
  • redistribution of calls (creation of categories, subscribers of each of which will be transferred to the device specified by the user);
  • record keeping (on a device or cloud service);
  • individual greeting for each of the callers;
  • call forwarding and more.

When considering how to set up Google Voice without an American number, the possibility of connecting not only mobile devices is taken into account. These operations can be performed from a desktop computer. All that is required is the availability of Internet access.

How to register in Google Voice without a number

It is not necessary to use a real contact that is linked to a SIM card. The Google Voice service allows you to add any phones. A virtual number is suitable for registration. It has no physical carrier. All messages are received via the Internet. There is no need to waste time installing a Sim card in a smartphone. No less important, it becomes possible to use the number of any country. It is enough just to specify the option of interest from the list in the store. This allows you to register with Google Voice without a (real) number. The created account will not have any differences. The functionality is not limited in any way.

how to create a Google Voice without a phone number

How to create a Google Voice account without a phone number – step-by-step instructions

As noted earlier, to complete the task you need to use the service "Grizzly Sms".

  1. Register on the website to purchase a virtual number. You can specify an email address or use data from your social networks (VK, Instagram, Facebook). The advantage of the latter option is that the profile is created in one click.

Google Voice without an American number

  1. Proceed to the replenishment of the balance. Click the button with the corresponding name in the upper right part of the menu.

  1. A window with payment methods appears. There are payment systems Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Google Pay and Apple Pay. A Payeer cryptocurrency wallet is provided. When the required option is specified, a field pops up where the transfer amount is entered, Replenishment occurs within a few minutes.

  1. Now nothing prevents you from purchasing a number. First we specify the country, then the service (in our case, Gmail). The additional information contains the number of contacts and the cost per unit. Click "Buy". As for the search, it is not necessary to choose the appropriate option from a long list. It is enough to enter it in the appropriate field.

Buy a phone number to register in Google Voice

  1. Now you can proceed directly to how to create a Google Voice account without a phone number. We register Gmail mail. Enter the virtual number purchased earlier. This must be done after specifying user information and selecting an email address.

How to sign up for Google Voice without a phone number

  1. The system will send an SMS to the specified number. You can get it in the personal account of the "Grizzly Sms" website. When you click on it, we will see a notification. Open the message, copy the confirmation code and return to the registration form with it. Completing the verification procedure.

How to create a Google Voice without a number

  1. Open the Google Voice service. We use our Gmail account to log in. As of early 2023, it is not available in Russia. It is for this reason that it is necessary to use American numbers when registering.

 Google Voice without an American number - how to log in

  1. If the Google account meets the conditions, then you will see the following window. Now the system will indicate the necessary actions. Fill in the suggested fields until go to the main interface. Now you can top up your balance and use all the functionality.

how to set up Google Voice without an American number

It will not be difficult to register and configure Google Voice without an American number.


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