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Buy a US number for Google Voice

The positions of the American company Google force this corporation to constantly be in search of new technologies to gain superiority in the cloud services industry. These include the free Internet service Google Voice. What is it good for? Its users can combine all the phone numbers they have into one system. So far, the full-featured version of the service is available only to users from the United States, so there is a noticeable demand for a virtual American number for Google Voice.

What attracts people around the world, including in Russia, to this ecosystem? The main feature is one Google number for the integration of all the user's phones. Besides:

  • free calls and SMS in the country where the service is available;
  • cheap international calls (only $0.01 per minute!);
  • powerful call filtering systems. You can set call alerts, add subscribers to blacklists with rejection of their calls, listen to callers before the conversation starts;
  • distribution of numbers. You can choose which users to which numbers you will call automatically;
  • sending, receiving and saving SMS messages in on-line mode;
  • reading messages left to you using the transcription service.

Of course, this is not a complete list of the service's features. However, to become a part of this ecosystem, you first need to buy a US number for Google Voice. This can be done very easily and simply with the help of our SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms". By cooperating with us, you not only get access to the limitless possibilities of VoIP telephony, but also:

  • the best online prices for the purchase of virtual numbers;
  • reliability of the purchased numbers (if the SMS does not arrive, you are guaranteed to receive another number);
  • always available numbers for all popular Internet sites from around the world;
  • user-friendly interface, high speed of the service, as well as responsive support service.

Virtual number for Google Voice: purchase instructions

Since accounts registered to numbers from the USA have the most complete functionality, we recommend trying an American number for Google Voice. For this:

  1. Log in using the link . An email address or a social network account of your choice will be suitable;

      2. On the main page, select the country of the telephone operator the United States of America and find the service from Google among hundreds of others available (the rest, by the way, may also be of interest to you, try it) using the search;

      3. Specify the cost of receiving SMS from the selected service;

      4. Before you buy an American number for Google Voice, top up your balance in your personal account using one of the suggested methods. For your convenience, payment by bank card, wallets of popular payment systems and even cryptocurrency is provided;

     5. On the site selection page, specify the country of the telephone operator (USA) and search for the Google service again. Click on the "Buy" button next to the name of the selected site and complete the purchase;

      6. You will find the purchased number in the "Active Numbers" tab.

Done! The virtual American number for Google Voice is now yours, and you can proceed to setting up your account.