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How to delete a VK account permanently from different devices?

Almost all users of the popular Russian-language social network had a moment in their lives when they wanted to get rid of a personal page. And many in this rush faced the fact that it is not entirely clear how to do it. It is not surprising, because the developers of the service have invested a lot of effort and money in creating a virtual ecosystem. But today we will shed light on how to delete an account in VK forever using an Android phone, on iOS (via a browser or mobile program), as well as from a computer.

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How to delete a VK account via phone?

To begin with, a remark: you will not be able to delete the VK profile immediately and permanently. The policy of the social network is that the user has 7 months (210 days) to change his mind.

Before you delete your VK account permanently via your Android phone or iPhone, you will need to launch a mobile browser and go to . Next, do the following:

  1. Log in to your profile;
  2. Go to settings (the button with three horizontal stripes at the top left and find the option of the same name there);

      3. In the settings, go to the “Account” menu;

      4. We reach the bottom of the opened page and find the item “Delete my page”;

      5. Specify the reason for the deletion and click the delete account button again.

That's all. Now it's no secret for you how to delete your VK Account permanently via Android or iOS..

How to delete a VK account via a mobile app?

Most users of the social network use it using the mobile version from a smartphone (since this is the most convenient and secure option).

And therefore, most of the user requests concern how to delete an account in VK through the application. However, we hasten to disappoint you: this function of the application is not provided by programmers.

How to delete a VK account from a computer or laptop?

This method (as well as the method through the mobile version of the Vkontakte site) is ideal for those users who have not yet forgotten the password from their page. Deleting a VK account from a computer begins with going to the address . And then:

  1. Log in to your profile;

      2. Find the button with the avatar image (with the first and last name) in the upper right corner of your page;

      3. In the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”;

      4. At the very bottom of the menu, find the item “Delete my page”;

      5. Tell the system the reason that prompted you to do such a desperate act and confirm the action.

Now you also know how to delete your VK account permanently using a computer or laptop. It remains only to wish good luck in real communication. Well, a small bonus.

How to delete a fake VK account forever?

If suddenly you find a profile suspiciously resembling yours (with your photo, first name and last name) on the vastness of the social network, then you can block such a page legally. How to delete a VK account if it is parasitic on your personality? It is necessary to go from your present page to the “Help" section and fill out a special form. Yes, you will have to provide documents confirming your identity and take a selfie.

We remind you that your profile has been temporarily deleted for 7 months. Until the 210th day, users have the opportunity to restore the page if the deletion of the VK account was unintentional or the owner of the profile changed his mind. After this period, the account is permanently deleted, without the possibility of restoring it. But do not think that you have forever buried the possibility of access to the social network in this case. You can always purchase an inexpensive virtual number in the «Grizzly Sms» service for a couple of cents and return to the virtual world!