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Buy VK accounts quickly and at an affordable price


Most Russian-speaking Internet users cannot live a single day without visiting their pages on Vkontakte. This social network earned popularity across the entire post-soviet community long ago. And its team is not going to slow down. Furthermore, taking into account the current events, the value of this ecosystem multiplies. Thus, it is not surprising that, today, many users want to buy VK account. Here are the most common reasons:

  • for many people, this social network became uncontested in terms of communication;
  • from now on, Vkontakte is the major platform for promoting Russian businesses;
  • those channels, which are blocked on YouTube, move to VK;
  • an additional profile will come in handy to those who want to stay in touch even in case their basic pages get blocked (these days, one can easily (or even extremely easily) imagine such a situation).

There are varied methods, which are promised to help you buy VK in bulk, still, not all of them are equally efficient. Today, we will tell you about the most reasonable option to obtain an operable page on the social media mentioned at minimum effort and expense.

Image 1 VK to buy: instructions

Where to buy VK profiles from 1 cent only?

This method is based on the use of a virtual number. Buying it, you get an opportunity to receive a single registration message from the platform chosen. As a result, you obtain an opportunity to buy VK account and an extensive range of benefits compared to other methods, namely:

  • financial economy (such a fake number is cheaper than a real SIM card kit or ready profile);
  • with such a temporary number, you can buy a clean page without any owners at all. Meanwhile, you do not know who managed that page, which is advertised to you on some forum;
  • using a virtual SMS activation procedure, you can be confident that all your private data will stay confidential.

Also, we must note that not all the stores selling virtual numbers are the same. We recommend exactly Grizzly Sms as we supply our clients with top-quality services only (to be more precise – operable numbers), meanwhile:

  • our fees are among the most affordable on the market for similar services;
  • with the help of our source, you can buy VK accounts cheaply, fast, and without making much effort, due to our comfortable and deliberately designed interface;
  • we always have numbers for registration on all relevant Internet sources – from social networks to marketplaces and online cinemas – in decent supply;
  • all the questions arising are resolved promptly by our qualified support team.

VK to buy: step-by-step guidelines

The process of using a virtual number for signing up for any source is pretty simple and does not differ significantly from a standard procedure. Yet, to ensure that you do not have any questions left, let us supply you with a guide, which will allow you to buy VK in bulk at ease:

  1. On the main page of our website, perform logging in to your personal account (for accessing our service, you will be requested only an electronic address or a page on the social media – Vkontakte, Facebook, or Instagram);

Image 2 Buy VK in bulk cheaply

  1. Specify the country of a mobile operator, to which your number for registration must be connected. At this stage, you can learn how much it costs to receive a message with a confirmation code from (depending on the country, the fee for SMS activation will be about 13 cents!);

Image 3 Buy a disposable number for Vkontakte

  1. Check whether you have enough funds to buy VK account. If not – make a deposit with any convenient method (with the help of a bank card or popular payment system – Payeer, Google, or Apple);

Image 4 Buy VK account safely

  1. Return to the page of the Internet service needed (in this case, we mean Vkontakte, yet, you can always try other apps as well) and press the “Buy” button;

Image 5 Where to buy VK pages at a low price

  1. When the purchase is completed, the system will generate a phone number for you in the “Active numbers” tab, copy it;

Image 6 How to buy VK accounts without risks

  1. Now, to buy VK accounts, open the website of this social network on your computer or use the mobile app;
  2. Start a standard registration by a phone number;

Image 7 A guide on how to buy VK account

  1. Enter the number purchased as your contact one;

Image 8 Buy VK account via an online activation service

  1. In the personal cabinet on Grizzly Sms, you will find an incoming message from the social network, which will contain a verification code. Copy it and paste it into the corresponding field in the registration form and finish the procedure;

Image 9 Buy VK accounts at the lowest price

  1. If needed, purchase more profiles by just repeating all the points of this algorithm. Or utilize the API to buy VK in bulk.

That’s all. Now, you have a method of purchasing pages on any social media and website at the most advantageous price. Make use of it wisely!

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