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A fake phone number for VK

Vkontakte is the most popular social network in Russia and a range of other countries. And, for many users, one profile is not enough. When one needs to register a fake account, one should enter a phone number. This procedure cannot be skipped as it is obligatory. fake number

A standard approach involves buying an additional SIM card. This option has a bunch of drawbacks, including the absence of anonymity, time consumption, and high cost. The Grizzly Sms service offers an optimal solution. Here, you can buy a fake mobile number for VK registration. The task assigned can be fulfilled with a few clicks.

How to make fake VK account with the help of the Grizzly Sms website

Let us discuss detailed instructions. In the first stage, you should create a profile on our service, then, you must buy a fake phone number VK.

  1. Register with the help of a profile on one of the social networks offered or an electronic address.

How to open a fake account for VK

      2. To make purchases, you will need to replenish your balance first. Press the corresponding button in the personal cabinet.

How to register a page using a fake mobile number for VK

      3. You will be redirected to the page, where you can choose a payment system. Pick up the most suitable variant and, then, specify the sum of a transfer. The funds will be credited instantly. You can find the information about the commission in the description of the corresponding payment instrument.

A fake account - instructions on how to create it

      4. Now, let us discuss how to purchase a fake number, to which you can receive an SMS message, on our website. There are two windows to fill in. In the first one, you must specify the country needed, in the second one ― the service (Vkontakte/VK). Buy a quantity needed.

Buy a virtual number to register on VK (Vkontakte)

So, you have a fake mobile number for VK at your disposal. To register the profile on this social network, it is enough to go to the corresponding page. 

  1. Paste the number, which you bought in Point 4 and press the button “Next” or “Get code”.

How to make fake VK account

      2. Mind that, in many cases, the system will try to call you first. However, as your number is virtual, it cannot perform this function. So, you will need to wait until the time period offered is over.

A fake phone number VK - how to sign up

      3. When the countdown is over, the function of sending SMS will get accessible. Click on the corresponding button. To receive the message, go to your personal cabinet on the Grizzly Sms website. The corresponding notification is already waiting for you there. Copy the confirmation code.

A fake phone number for VK - how to buy


      4. Now, you should enter the code into the corresponding field. When the task assigned is fulfilled, the verification is considered completed. You can fill in all the other details for your new profile and use all the opportunities offered by this social network.

How to create a fake VK account login without a phone number

We have explained to you how to make fake VK account. You can cope with that with a few clicks, which is pretty convenient.

Why is it better to buy a virtual number than a ready fake account for VK

On the web, you can find lots of specialized sources that offer ready profiles on social networks. Yet, such a variant is not the best alternative. There are multiple convincing arguments:

  1. Security. There is a risk that a seller will sell the same fake account to several users simultaneously. Besides, there is no guarantee that a password will not be changed. You will have to waste time ensuring its safety. Meanwhile, when you collaborate with Grizzly Sms, a number is sold one time only, then, it is deleted from the base.
  2. Warranties. Ready profiles offered by online stores are registered with the help of specialized programs. And the administration of the social network takes every effort to fight such methods. There is a high risk that a fake VK account login will be banned in a few days after you buy it. Still, if you use the solution described earlier, you will not face such a problem.
  3. Prices. It is just cheaper to buy a temporary number and pass the registration yourself than purchasing a ready profile.

The Grizzly Sms platform offers conditions, which are much more favorable than those you can find on other websites.