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Get working VK accounts almost for free in 2023

Due to objective reasons, the demand for the accounts of the most popular Russian-speaking social network has skyrocketed. Many people want to get VK accounts for free in 2023 and in large numbers. Why is it necessary? Here are some reasons:

  • wide opportunities for communication;
  • wide opportunities for doing business, due to the decrease in the number of available social networks-competitors;
  • the ability to always stay in touch even if you lose access to the main page.

It is important to note that despite the presence of such ads, it is almost impossible to get a VK account for free Login, you will still receive a password for such pages for a fee. Sometimes rather big, and the security of such a page remains a big question. There are cases when autoregs were sold several times to different users. Or the stories of the received pages could not boast of cleanliness, and customers of such stores were often left with nothing.

Therefore, a rational option today is to buy a clean account for a small fee.

So that left VK accounts do not become a problem for you for free, we talk about the best way to inexpensively register on a social network.

Where can I get a VK account for free?

So, in order to get practically free VK accounts with a password with the least hassle, you need to use a high-quality SMS activation service. In fact, this is a site where you can buy temporary numbers for registration on various Internet sites. The advantages of this method:

  • low cost. A virtual phone number is much cheaper than a new starter pack or those pages that sell under the banner “VK accounts for free 2023”;
  • reliability. An account registered using a temporary number is absolutely “clean” and working (as with regular registration by phone number;

If you do not need a fake VK account for free, we recommend using the services of "Grizzly Sms". The service has long gained popularity in the market due to the best conditions for selling temporary numbers on the Web. Judge for yourself, the clients of the resource receive:

  • the lowest prices for a single reception of registration SMS from any sites;
  • all numbers are 100% working. If you do not receive a message, you will receive another number;
  • getting a practically free VK account login and password 2023 is not easy with us, but very easy thanks to a well-thought-out interface and convenient API;
  • a variety of payment methods are provided;
  • sensible technical support has been collected to help customers.

Buy a VK page from 18 rubles: step by step instructions

For those who still hope to find VK accounts for free working login and password, or those who think that registering with a virtual number is a difficult and time-consuming task, we publish a typical procedure for a user who wants to achieve what they want with the least effort and cost:

  1. Log in to the service using the link. You just need to specify an email address or log in using a profile on a social network (Facebook, Instagram, the same Vkontakte);
  2. Before you create a VK account without a phone number for free, check the cost of a one-time message from (from 0.3 cents);
  3. Replenish your account in a way convenient for you, using a bank card, crypto wallet or electronic money;
  4. Confirm the purchase by clicking on “Buy” next to the name of the service you have chosen;
  5. Find the generated phone number in the “Active numbers” tab (copy it);
  6. To create VK accounts for free 2023 using the purchased number, open the social network site in a browser from a computer or launch a mobile application. Next, start the standard registration procedure by phone number;
  7. Specify the purchased number as a contact. Wait for an SMS from the site with the verification code (usually it takes up to a minute);
  8. Confirm your phone number by copying the code from the message into the required field. Ready!

Distributing accounts in VK for free today is almost impossible. We, in turn, have given an excellent option that will help you use the social network as efficiently as possible.