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Buy a number for registration in Mail is a huge ecosystem that includes a variety of services. The most famous among them is email. According to data, the number of active users exceeds 50 million people. A phone number is required to register. If you don’t have a number, it causes difficulties.

The Grizzly Sms service offers to buy a number for registration in Mail. A user-friendly interface allows you to complete the task with a couple of clicks and at a minimal cost.

What does a virtual number for Mail mean?

This number doesn’t belong to the sim card. This factor is an important advantage for the user. The only task is to receive SMS on your account on the Grizzly Sms website.

An equally important factor is the possibility of acquiring a number of any country (more than 260 states are available). Once used, the contact disappears from our database for that particular service. This ensures that no one can take control of the profile.

How to buy a number for registration in Mail - instructions

Let's consider in detail all the stages of the task.

      1. Register on the site "Grizzly Sms" to use the store. You can use your email address to create an account. An option is to import data from a social network in one click.

Virtual number for registration a mailbox on Mail

      2. Replenish the account.

How to buy a number for registration in Mail

      3. Select the appropriate payment system. For each of them, there is a short description, where the commission is indicated. Payment is available with cryptocurrency, bank card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Click the appropriate option and enter the transfer amount.

Buy a virtual number for Mail

      4. Now we can buy a virtual number for Mail. In the first field, indicate the country, below the service. If you do not want to search for a suitable option, enter the name in the search box in front of it, click the "Buy" button.

Buy a virtual number for registration Mail 

The contact will be saved in the "Active numbers" section. If you are interested in how to register an email, we covered this in the related blog article.

Why is it better to buy a virtual number in Mail than a profile

There are a large number of resources on the Internet that sell email accounts. This option has many serious drawbacks when compared with buying a registration number in Mail.

  1. Security. There is no guarantee that the seller will not return the finished profile. You will have to spend time preventing such an option. It often happens that one batch is sold to several customers at once.
  2. Ban protection. The administration of the service is closely monitoring that there is no mass registration by bots. After a purchase, half of the accounts are blocked. In the case of self-registration to a virtual number, the profile does not arouse the interest of the security service.
  3. Price. It is cheaper to buy a virtual number in Mail than purchase a profile and related costs.

Our site "Grizzly Sms" offers the best conditions for cooperation.