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How to Create Temporary Email: 2 Proven Methods

Internet users often have to provide their email addresses to register on various online services. This is not always convenient and safe. That's why the interesting technology of disposable email emerged. Today we'll delve into its capabilities and explain how to use it and where to get it.

You can also use disposable phone numbers for registration, which maintain user anonymity and provide access to any platforms. Here are collected numbers for most popular services from operators of practically all countries in the world.

In this article, we'll explore two methods of obtaining temporary email: obtaining a ready-made mailbox through the Smailpro website and creating a new mailbox using a virtual number on the Grizzly SMS website.

Disposable Email: Technology

Every internet user has an email inbox used for various purposes such as work communication, correspondence with friends, or registration on new resources. Almost 99% of all applications and websites we use daily require an email address for various purposes, including newsletters, promotional offers, participation in contests, advertising announcements, and much more. Therefore, temporary email for registration is as relevant as ever.

What is Temporary Email Online?

From a technical point of view, temporary email for registration is a service that allows users to create additional mailboxes, the addresses of which can be safely used on untrusted websites or provided to new contacts. This type of email provides complete anonymity while allowing you to receive emails to your primary mailbox by forwarding them through a temporary address.

Disposable Email Online: Who Benefits?

It is a well-known fact that many useful programs are paid, but almost all of them offer the opportunity for free use for a certain period so that users can assess their benefits themselves. Naturally, this requires registration and often the provision of an email address. By using a temporary email address, you can repeatedly register and use expensive software for free.

Many social networks and online stores insist on providing your email address. As a result, your mailbox can be cluttered with spam, advertising messages, and sometimes viruses. A temporary address can be used without fear of these consequences.

When people first hear about temporary email, they sometimes associate its use with criminal purposes. However, in practice, this is not the case. Here are a few examples that clarify the purpose of temporary email from a legal point of view:

  • for registration on an online store. If you don't want to receive advertising messages describing new products from a site where you made a purchase only once and it was a long time ago, anonymous email will help avoid this;
  • for testing a new application. If you are a web developer and have written software code, it needs to be tested for errors. Temporary email allows you to make an unlimited number of requests from new addresses;
  • for creating a second account. If you need to create another account on a social network or other web service, for example, for your marketing site or simply for additional work correspondence, temporary email is what you need;
  • for protection against spam. Active internet users are faced with the need to fill out many registration forms on various websites and forums every day. By leaving your real email address, you risk receiving a large number of unwanted spam messages.

How to Create Disposable Email on the Smailpro Website?

Very simple. Let's consider the example of the Smailpro service. It allows you to create disposable email with the domain name In practice, interaction with the service looks like this:

  1. Open the service website;
  2. Click on "Create temporary emails";
  3. Copy the generated email address (if necessary, you can replace it using the randomizer);
  4. Enter the disposable email where required;
  5. Return to the Smailpro website and open incoming emails that come to your inbox.

How to Create Temporary Email via the "Grizzly SMS" Service

However, it should be remembered that disposable email is not always suitable for registration on various social networks or messengers. Many services reject such email addresses and ask for others to be provided. Therefore, you can use a more reliable option - an inexpensive virtual number, which costs a penny but ensures a 100% result.

With numbers from Grizzly SMS you can easily create anonymous email for Gmail, Yandex, Yahoo,, and any other. Thus, you will get a full-fledged working email for permanent use, which is no different from regular mailboxes and allows registration on any required platforms.

It is also worth noting that using a good SMS activator is no more difficult than temporary email. The whole process is even simpler than standard registration because it happens entirely online. Here's how it works in practice on the Grizzly SMS website (for example, let's register a Gmail mailbox):

  1. Sign up on the "Grizzly SMS" website;
  2. Choose the service (Gmail) and the country of the mobile operator, for example, France;
  3. Top up your account (the number costs a few rubles, you will find out the exact amount after selecting parameters in item 2). You can use bank cards from any banks, cryptocurrencies, and electronic money;
  4. Confirm the purchase;
  5. Copy the purchased number;
  6. Start registering a new Gmail mailbox;
  7. Enter the purchased number during registration;
  8. Enter the code from the SMS that will come to your "Grizzly SMS" account;
  9. Complete the registration.

After that, you will receive a full-fledged mailbox that you can use without restrictions, unlike temporary email.

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