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Naver phone number verification

As one of the biggest web search engines in South Korea, Naver is now competing for top positions in Japanese and SEA markets. With over 45 million daily active users and multiple unique services such as Cafes and PRISM, it is also the biggest provider of digital services in the country.

In South Korea, whenever you need to do something online, you go to Naver and nowhere else. The platform offers shopping, communication, commercial, and financial services. You can find plenty of products that will cater to your interests and preferences. You can also create a new profile on this platform by using a Naver phone number verification service from Grizzly SMS.

A virtual Naver phone number - why do you need it?

Why do you need to register on Naver?

Just a couple of years ago, you didn’t need a specialized account on this platform to conduct efficient web searches and follow news from the country. However, the implementation of various services like Now and Pay makes it essential if you live in Korea or use its local services extensively while living outside of the country.

You can purchase goods, shop for specific products, and join various online communities after registering on the website. This option is either completely unavailable to users from certain regions of the world or requires you to have a local phone number.

Buy a temporary number Naver

Buy a virtual phone number Naver – step-by-step instructions

After you create a new profile on this platform, you will need to undergo the Naver verification process which requires you to provide valid credentials. While other mobile providers work, the platform will immediately know that you are not from Korea even if you use a VPN. However, you can bypass this issue completely by purchasing an eligible Korean number.

The process of buying such items from Grizzly SMS is quite simple. You need to make only 4 steps:

  • Go to the main page of the website and set up a new profile. You don’t need to provide any personal information except an active e-mail address. One-click registration with social network accounts is also an option.

A phone number Naver - how to purchase it?

  • Your balance must have enough funds for a purchase. Add the necessary amount of money using any of the payment options employed by our platform. Use debit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies.

A virtual phone number Naver - guidelines on how to make a purchase

  • Go to the store page and select “Korea” from the list of countries. You can now choose from several mobile providers. After you are done choosing a number, press the “BUY” button.

How to buy a temporary Naver phone number

  • All purchased items can be viewed on the profile page. They are eligible for verification immediately after purchase. You don’t have to wait.

Note that you may purchase in bulk if you need multiple accounts. It can be very useful to marketers or people who are interested in intense social interactions on various platforms supported by this SK giant.

Why should you use a Naver phone number from Grizzly SMS?

Our platform is easy to use and offers a high-quality product to all its users. If you are interested in preserving anonymity or respecting privacy as a concept, your values align with ours. We have several distinct advantages:

  1. Flexible pricing means that our clients pay as little as $0.5 per item (sometimes, less) and can get discounts for bulk orders!
  2. An endless supply of numbers from multiple countries ensures that we have anything you might need in stock at any given moment!
  3. We feature over 260 countries and thousands of mobile providers from across the globe offering the richest catalog on the internet.
  4. Privacy and anonymity are two things that are respected more than anything else! We never share your data or ask for personal information. Our numbers are also never attached to you in any way.
  5. We also offer quick delivery without any delays. It takes less than two minutes to get a Naver verification code text in an SMS.

Grizzly SMS means reliability, convenience, and simplicity. You will never have any issues when engaging with our platform!