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Buy Airbnb accounts quickly and cheaply

A short-term accommodation is often required for travelers who do not like to stay in hotels or want to save. There are special services for the selection of appropriate accommodation. But in order to successfully use them, you need verification by phone number. Today we tell you how to buy an Airbnb account as easy and simple as possible.

It will be useful to learn about the possibilities of the virtual SMS verification service "Grizzly Sms". We have a lot of free contacts. They will allow you to create accounts on any sites, in social networks and booking services. Receiving verification SMS costs a little and the result is guaranteed 100%. This is completely anonymous. Try our numbers to get Airbnb accounts without any problem!

Buy an Airbnb account with a virtual number

Despite the termination of Airbnb activities in Russia and Belarus, citizens of these countries may book accommodation using the service. But to enter your real contact even at less stressful times is not very safe, and even more now. We recommend using temporary numbers to register an Airbnb for several reasons:

  1. It is completely safe because it keeps your real contacts secret from various Internet services that are ready to take your personal information at the first opportunity.
  2. It is much cheaper than buying a new SIM card;
  3. 3. It is reliable and functional, since an account created using a virtual number is the same as a regular one.

For the best result, use reliable virtual numbers from a trusted service. "Grizzly Sms" offers its customers just such. Our services are the most profitable on the market in terms of price / quality ratio. You will create a verified Airbnb account and get benefits:

  • 100% result guarantee (if the SMS did not arrive, get your money back and take a new number);
  • low cost of receiving a verification message;
  • a wide range of services for registration, as well as numbers from all over the world;
  • many free contacts. Buy immediately in bulk and get the most favorable conditions;
  • high service speed, convenient account replenishment and reliable user support chat.

Buying an Airbnb account: instructions

What does the use of virtual SMS verification look like? If this is your first time using this service and purchasing an Airbnb accounts, here there are step by step instructions:

  1. Log in to your personal account on our website. Copy your email and follow the link;
  2. Find a service that allows you to book apartments by entering its name in the search on the left (use the Latin spelling). Select the country of the mobile operator from which you will register and check the cost of receiving a message;
  3. Before you get Airbnb accounts, top up your account (using a card, electronic or crypto wallet);
  4. Confirm the purchase by clicking on "Buy" and go to "Active numbers", where you will need to copy the generated phone number (you will register with it);
  5. Go to the website of the rental service at and register using the purchased temporary number;
  6. The code for account verification will come to “Active numbers” (you will find it next to the purchased contact).