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SIM Farm Equipment: Overview

In 2024, communication equipment is represented by a wide range on the pages of various marketplaces. Due to this variety, it is not always immediately clear which hardware will allow you to create a powerful SIM bank (GOIP) or a similar unit for the simultaneous use of many SIM cards on your budget. The topic is interesting and we have tried to reveal it to you as fully as possible.

SIM Farm: Basics

The specified unit is a device or system that contains equipment for SIM cards and allows them to be used simultaneously to solve certain problems.

Such SIM card farms can be used by telecommunications companies to test networks and services, by software developers to test how applications work with different operators, can be used for marketing or research purposes, and can also be used to organize a profitable business for monetizing SIM cards.

SIM card farms can vary in size and functionality - from small devices capable of working with a few SIM cards, to large systems capable of processing hundreds or even thousands of SIM cards simultaneously.

Buy a SIM Bank: Where to Start?

A modern sim bank consists of several components. They can be divided by the types of tasks solved:

  1. SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices. Software-configurable radio systems (SDR) are responsible for the high flexibility and functionality of SIM farms. Popular models: BladeRF, USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), LimeSDR and HackRF One.
  2. Multi-port GSM gateways. GSM gateways with support for a large number of SIM card ports are an important component of the SIM farm. Leading manufacturers of such devices are: MultiTech, Synway and Digium. This node is the heart of the SIM farm.
  3. Industrial communication servers. These devices provide a wide range of functions for managing and monitoring a large number of SIM cards. Industrial servers from Dell, HP, Cisco and Supermicro are ubiquitous for building SIM card farms.
  4. Cloud SIM card management platforms. Cloud solutions for SIM card and cellular network management provide a convenient interface for managing a SIM farm. Popular cloud platforms today: Cisco Jasper, Ericsson IoT Accelerator, Aeris IoT Solutions.
  5. Integrated solutions for testing cellular networks. Some companies offer comprehensive solutions that include both hardware and software for testing cellular networks and managing SIM farms. Examples of such companies can be Keysight Technologies, Spirent Communications and Anritsu Corporation.

How to choose a GSM gateway for a SIM bank?

Depending on the purpose of creating a SIM farm, one or another GSM gateway model will suit you. Below is a list of SIM card equipment that has been tested by many users with good reviews and ratings. These models have different characteristics and can be recommended depending on project requirements, number of required ports, supported networks, and other factors.

  1. Quectel M26 or a similar but more affordable Quectel M35 model. GSM modems based on these modules offer a good price-quality ratio and are suitable for solving a wide range of tasks in 2G networks: from creating monitoring and surveillance systems to organizing a highly productive SIM farm for receiving SMS. The devices are energy efficient and integrate well into card holders for 16, 32 or even 64 ports.
  2. MultiTech MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series. The MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series is a line of multi-port GSM gateways that support 2G, 3G and LTE networks. They offer a decent price-performance ratio and provide reliable connectivity for data transmission. These gateways can have varying numbers of ports, including options from 2 to 8 ports.
  3. Synway SMG2000 GSM VoIP Gateway Series. Synway's SMG2000 GSM VoIP Gateway Series provides high performance and flexibility for integration with existing VoIP infrastructure. They support 2G and 3G networks, and also offer various port configurations, including options from 2 to 16 ports.
  4. Digium G200 VoIP Gateway. This is a multi-port gateway that provides integration between cellular networks and VoIP networks. It supports the GSM standard and can be used to connect cellular operators to IP-PBX systems. You can buy a SIM bank in versions from 1 to 8 ports.
  5. OpenVox VoxStack Series GSM Gateway. OpenVox's VoxStack Series GSM gateways provide extensive capabilities for integration with GSM networks. They support 2G and 3G networks and are available in various configurations, including options from 1 to 16 ports. VoxStack is widely used for call routing between GSM and VoIP networks.
  6. Yeastar TG GSM Gateway Series. A series of multi-port GSM gateways designed for integration with VoIP systems and providing access to GSM networks. They support 2G and 3G networks and are available in various configurations, including options from 4 to 32 ports. Yeastar's TG series provides easy installation and configuration, as well as high reliability.

By the way, if you need a reliable SIM bank, for example to monetize your SIM cards, but you don't know which equipment is right for you - feel free to contact the Grizzly SMS service support chat, where you will find competent assistance at any time.

How to buy a SIM bank using the Grizzly SMS service and monetize SIM cards?

The No. 1 SMS activator service Grizzly SMS has launched an affiliate program for monetizing SIM cards. Now anyone who has a lot of unused SIMs (or who can get them) can earn substantial income (up to 80% from each SMS activation made to one of your SIMs) without putting in much effort and time.

What you need to participate:

  1. SIM cards in any quantity (the more the better)
  2. A SIM bank (GSM modem or GOIP). If you don't know which model is best for you, consult our specialists for advice.
  3. A computer or laptop with internet access

After connecting to the program, all you have to do is replenish your SIM cards with new ones on time (to maintain stable earnings) and withdraw your earnings in any convenient way.

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