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Monetizing SIM cards: how much can you earn?

An SMS activator constantly needs fresh SIM cards in order to be able to sell numbers to their customers without restrictions. And for such a large and popular service like Grizzly Sms. That is why the platform launched a profitable affiliate program for monetizing SIM cards.

Any SIM card owner (which have not yet been used to register accounts in popular social networks and messengers) can rent out their numbers and receive 80% of each SMS activation with their help. To participate, you will only need three things:

  • SIM cards (preferably with the ability to inexpensively update them);
  • SIM bank (GSM modem, GOIP - the more ports, the better);
  • A computer or laptop with an Internet connection.

It looks simple, and in practice it is. But the question arises - how much can you earn per month by renting SIM cards?

Renting SIM cards: what to consider

Although you can start with any number of SIMs, it is obvious that the more there are, the better. Especially considering that over time the cards lose their ability to generate income, their purchase will become a commonplace for a businessman in this field of activity.

You can get SIM cards in large volumes on sites like Avito and other announcement boards, on specialized forums, in Telegram groups and on social networks (for example, on VKontakte). Prices for them vary depending on the volume of purchase and the countries of mobile operators. Prices for large batches start at 10-15 rubles per piece. It is also worth being prepared for the fact that up to 15% of all SIM cards may turn out to be either blocked or already used for registrations in online services. You just have to accept the latter fact.

Next, consider that you will need a SIM bank to work with SIM cards. Which model and how many ports to choose is up to you. If you are not sure about the choice, the experts of Grizzly Sms will help you decide after registering for the affiliate program. Of course, the higher the quality of the equipment and the larger the number of simultaneously working SIM cards it supports, the higher and more stable your earnings will be. Prices for such equipment are in a very wide range, starting from $100 for a used device for a few ports and up to several thousand for serious industrial options for hundreds of ports.

Income from SIM cards: profitability calculator

To make it easier to navigate, here is a visual online calculator for potential earnings from renting SIM cards.

To calculate income, you need to specify three parameters:

  • Mobile operator country of your SIM cards (for example, let's take the "medium income" one - Russia);
  • The cost of one SIM card (we won't take the cheapest ones, since they have a higher percentage of "dead" ones, let's stop at SIM cards for 15 rubles);
  • The number of ports in the GSM modem (let's consider a popular modem based on the Quectel M35 module with 64 ports - i.e. 64 SIM cards can work simultaneously).

With these parameters, we get a result of 14,400 rubles for three months.

A similar figure for Portuguese numbers will be 32,064 rubles, and for, say, Lithuania - 4,224 rubles.

How to increase income from renting SIM cards?

If you have decided that this type of business is exactly for you and have personally tested the SIM monetization technology, then you can start "expanding production". In this situation, the main parameter that affects profit generation is the number of ports on your GSM modem, or in other words, how many SIM cards are working for you at the same time.

Even when working with Russian numbers, which do not give maximum profit, but the SIM cards themselves are easier and cheaper to obtain, you can already pay off a 64-port SIM bank in good condition in half a year and generate pure profit. But if you have the opportunity to obtain "high-income" foreign SIMs from countries, then your income will be even higher.

Choose the optimal workflow, configure your SIM farm for hundreds of ports, and you can guarantee yourself a solid income without making serious efforts!

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