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Making money on SIM cards: 5 best income options


Today the number of active SIM cards significantly exceeds the population of the Earth. This means that for every person living on the planet, there are several connections to cellular communications. This is not surprising, because in 2024 it is not easy to get a SIM card, but very easy. And in some countries you don't even need a passport for this. The question arises: is it possible to take advantage of the situation and organize earnings for yourself on SIM cards on the Internet?

It turns out you can. And it's not so difficult to do it. We have collected 5 best ways to monetize your sims for you.

Earning on SIM cards in 2024: nuances

There are many methods of earning on SIM cards, however, providing numbers to those who need them is the most common. And in general, this type of earnings has both its pros and cons.


  1. For many earnings methods, it is enough just to purchase SIM cards without additional costs;
  2. The first income can be obtained in the first days of work, especially if you engage in pumping or selling accounts.

Cons of earning on SIM:

  1. To achieve significant income, you will have to work with a large number of SIM cards;
  2. Regardless of the chosen earnings scheme, you will need to master the technical aspects or do manual work.
  3. Many methods of earning on SIM cards are in a gray area of ​​legislation, especially when buying "empty" cards or those that are already registered to other individuals.

Despite these disadvantages, some people achieve significant success in earning on SIM cards, receiving a monthly income of 100 thousand or more. However, achieving this level requires significant effort or financial investment. In 2024, there are many ways to make money on SIM cards, but you should prefer "white" methods, avoiding "black" practices.

Earnings from the sale of SIM cards

This method involves becoming an agent for mobile operators and trading their SIM cards. In the past, individuals could engage in this type of activity, but now only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are accepted to work as agents. For example, owners of retail outlets that sell smartphones or household appliances.

This type of earning on SIM cards looks like this:

  1. Choose mobile operators whose SIM cards you want to sell;
  2. Apply and sign a contract with the selected operator;
  3. Get access to the agent's personal account and the SIM cards themselves for sale;
  4. Sell ​​SIM cards and receive remuneration.

Thus, you can make money by connecting paid services and selling corporate tariffs. However, there is one nuance: you will have to keep records, that is, register contracts for buyers and send them to the mobile operator, usually within a month. In other words, this is clearly not a passive income with SIM cards.

The amount of remuneration depends on what revenue your sale will bring to the company. For example, agents are rarely paid more than a hundred rubles for selling a regular SIM card. The remuneration is higher for connecting paid services. It is almost impossible to start this type of activity from scratch: business registration and tax payment will be required, and sales conversion will be low.

Earning Money with SIM Cards: Receiving SMS for Account Registration

One of the most common options. In this case, earning money with SIM cards is generated from cooperating with SMS activators. These services allow you to rent a phone number for a short period and receive SMS with a verification code to register accounts on social networks and messengers.

You can provide such numbers to people automatically and get paid for it. The SMS activation service will share part of its revenue with you. Here's what you need to do for this:

  1. Purchase SIM cards. The more the better; experienced entrepreneurs recommend starting with a minimum of one hundred pieces.
  2. Purchase a GOIP-GSM-VOIP gateway: this is a device in which SIM cards are inserted. This equipment provides the operation of SIM cards, receives SMS messages and transfers them to the service. The cost of such equipment depends on the number of ports, for example, on AliExpress you can find a gateway for 32 ports for 28 thousand rubles.
  3. Connect to an SMS activator to start earning money with SIM. It provides software that manages the SMS receipt and transfer process to the service. Usually it is enough just to register in the personal account for this. Another option is to develop the software yourself and connect via API.
  4. Timely replace used SIM cards. Usually services sell activations immediately in several systems; for example, the same SIM card can be used to receive SMS from various online platforms. Statistics on SIM cards will be available in your personal account where you will see the used numbers. However, you will have to track and mark the SIM cards yourself so as not to confuse which ones already require replacement.

To constantly earn this way, you will need to purchase new batches of SIM cards, since each card is used for an average of a few days. At the same time, it is worth noting that there is no more profitable scheme for earning money on SIM cards.

The main expenditure in this method of earning is the gateway required for the system to work. Therefore, at the beginning you will recoup your costs, and then you will be able to receive net profit.

The Grizzly SMS service offers an interesting passive income program with SIM cards. The SMS activator offers partners 80% of SMS activation sales, convenient withdrawal of funds and large customer bases.

Earning Money with SIM Cards: Registration and Sale of Accounts on Social Networks and Messengers

Another way to earn money with SIM cards is to use them to register for various online services and then sell the created accounts. Ready-made accounts are in demand for advertising, arbitration and spam, and are purchased by those who do not want to waste time on manual registration.

The same SIM card can be used to register for 20-30 services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, various email services and other platforms.

The money earning scheme with SIM cards looks like this:

  1. Purchase a large number of SIM cards and sequentially insert them into a mobile phone.
  2. Register accounts on various services, confirm them via phone numbers and enter minimum content if necessary.
  3. Sell the created accounts yourself or in bulk to stores specializing in this.

There are some nuances: you will need to use reliable proxies or VPNs, as services can block IP addresses and profiles if they detect that the same person is registering multiple accounts on different SIMs.

In addition, selling accounts on your own will require a lot of time, for example, creating topics on forums, interacting with potential buyers or creating your own online store and promoting it in search engines. A more complex way to earn money is by creating accounts, warming them up and attracting subscribers for subsequent sale. For example, this is how earning money with SIM works on Telegram channels: you can attract subscribers and sell the channel along with the account on which it was created.

Earning Money with SIM Cards: Completing Tasks on Microwork Platforms

Microwork platforms are sites with simple tasks that are often registered by schoolchildren. On such sites you can earn money to PayPal or other electronic wallets. For example, many tasks are like "viewing a website page for 30 seconds" or "liking a video on YouTube." Microwork platforms also have tasks that require using SIM cards - follow a link, register and confirm your phone number.

Here is a brief guide on earning money with SIM cards and receiving SMS on such platforms:

  1. Register on as many microwork platforms as possible.
  2. Constantly monitor tasks for account activation, for this you will need to constantly monitor the list of available work.
  3. Take tasks and complete them.

Experienced users can complete 5 to 10 activation orders per day. The more actively you monitor the task list and the more microwork platforms you use, the more income you can get.

Earning Money with SIM Cards: Pumping Leads for CPA Networks

One way to earn money is to inflate leads for offers in affiliate programs. Some arbitrageurs use incentivized traffic, where you can become an incentivized user for a reward.

Earning money with SIM cards is that arbitrageurs get paid every time they attract a user who performs a target action that is beneficial for the advertiser, for example, makes a purchase. To earn money quickly, arbitrageurs may ask you to perform actions like clicking on a link, filling out an application form, and communicating with an operator. For this you get a share of the webmaster's reward.

To start earning money with SIM cards online this way, you will need:

  • A mobile phone;
  • SIM cards, 30-50 pieces are enough to start;
  • Clients, finding them is the biggest challenge.

For example, you can post ads for your services on open forums, but be prepared for negative feedback. You can also try to find topics of interest to your potential customers and offer them your services.

Passive Income with SIM Cards: How Much Can You Earn?

It all depends on the volume. With the mass resale of SIM cards and connection of paid services, you can easily earn 350$ to 500$ per month.

When working with SMS activators, on microwork platforms, selling accounts and leads, earning money with a SIM ranges from 0.5$ to 3.5$ rubles for one SIM card. The more ways to use one SIM card, the more you can earn. Some claim to be able to earn more than a thousand rubles from one SIM card.

Nevertheless, most beginners in this field earn small amounts - up to 10,000 rubles, according to survey data. If you decide to seriously engage in earning money with SIM cards, buy them wholesale from reliable suppliers to get a discount. Also use several methods at the same time to maximize revenue from one SIM.

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