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Quectel M35: modem for multi-stream connectivity - overview

We've long been used to modern smartphones being able to use 2-3 SIM cards simultaneously. But what if you need to operate 64 SIMs simultaneously in separate ports? Yes, the purpose of this operation will differ from simply having two mobile numbers. For example, organizing earnings on SIM cards, which in this situation need to be used in large quantities. In this case, a modern GSM modem - the Quectel M35 will come to the rescue, and this article provides an overview of it.

Regarding the purpose: a universal GSM modem will definitely come in handy for those who intend to join the SIM card monetization program from the Grizzly SMS service. Transfer your SIM cards for SMS activation needs via GOIP and get 80% of the income from each received SMS. Increase your revenue using additional SIM cards, and withdraw funds in any convenient way!

Quectel GSM M35 modem: key specifications

This device belongs to the family of quad-band GSM modules. Below we provide its main parameters, specified in the manual, along with an explanation of how these parameters affect the modem's performance and benefits. So:

  1. Support for multiple frequency bands. The Quectel M35 modem supports operation in various GSM/GPRS frequency bands (GSM850MHz, EGSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz), allowing it to be used in different regions of the world.
  2. High performance. The module provides high data transmission performance thanks to support for GPRS multi-slot class 12(10) and various GPRS encoding schemes.
  3. Reliability and stability. The device is known for its reliability and stability, which is especially important for systems that require continuous and uninterrupted connectivity.
  4. Low power consumption. The Quectel GSM is designed with energy-saving technologies in mind, so you can expect minimal power consumption, which is particularly important for devices with a limited power source.
  5. Flexible integration capabilities. The module has a compact size and supports various interfaces for integration into different devices and systems.
  6. Integrated Internet protocols: M35 supports various protocols such as TCP/UDP, FTP, and PPP, providing flexibility in use and integration with modern networking applications.
  7. Compatibility and compliance with standards. The device complies with GSM/GPRS standards and requirements, ensuring compatibility and safe operation in various networking environments.

Quectel M35 modem: where is it used?

The main purpose of the device is to provide multi-stream cellular communication. This is very much in demand in many industries. For example, Quectel M35 at commands are very useful in monitoring and security systems where it is necessary to work with multiple communication channels at once. Here are some typical areas where the device is used:

  1. Receiving messages from various online platforms that require SMS verification when registering a new user. In this case, we are talking about using the device as a SIM bank and GSM gateway. With its help, you can organize the receipt of messages with verification passwords from social networks, messengers, and other similar platforms.
  2. Transport tracking and logistics. These modules can be built into devices for tracking the location of vehicles, cargo and containers. This makes it possible to implement systems for monitoring and managing complex transport flows.
  3. Security systems and alarm systems. Quectel M35 modems can be used to create security systems and alarm systems that send notifications about incidents via cellular communication.
  4. Smart home and automation systems. The modules can be integrated into smart home and automation systems, providing remote control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other functions.
  5. Monitoring and control of equipment. GSM modems can be used for monitoring and control of industrial equipment, power plants, pumping stations, automation systems, and other remote control devices.
  6. Accounting and monitoring systems. Nodes based on these devices can be used to transmit data on energy, water or gas consumption from smart meters to accounting and monitoring systems.
  7. Trading and financial systems. The Quectel M35 modem can be used in ATMs, payment terminals, vending machines and other financial devices to transmit transaction data.

Quectel M35 SIM bank: how to make money with the "Grizzly SMS" service?

If you have some unused SIM cards or know where to buy them at good prices, you have the opportunity to take advantage of an attractive offer from the "Grizzly SMS" service - a partner program for monetizing SIM cards by receiving verification messages.

The essence of this program is that you can earn substantial income by registering accounts on Internet services using your SIM cards (for receiving those verification passwords). At the same time, you will receive up to 80% of each successful transaction. Details of the offer can be found on the official page of the program.

What you need to participate:

  1. SIM cards in any quantity (the more the better). We also advise you to top them up as they are consumables and will eventually lose the ability to generate revenue over time.
  2. A specialized GSM modem (GOIP, simbank with GSM gateway). An excellent USB modem for receiving SMS to 16 or more SIMs is the Quectel M35 or similar in performance (our experts will help you choose and tell you where it is best to buy it).
  3. A computer or laptop with Internet access.
  4. The desire to earn money and a bank card to withdraw earnings (or an e-wallet from one of the popular payment systems, withdrawal to crypto wallets is also possible).

Where to buy a Quectel M35?

Due to the current geopolitical situation, products from the Chinese company Quectel are currently not being shipped directly to Russia. But due to the great popularity of the communication equipment of this brand, its products can easily be found in the thematic sections on platforms such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

If you need to buy a Quectel M35 modem or any other equipment for monetizing your SIM cards, we recommend contacting the Grizzly SMS support service. Our specialists will help you choose suitable equipment at the optimal price.

Prices for the popular 64-port Quectel M35 modification range from $400 to $600 US dollars, depending on the seller. Here are some links to marketplaces where you can find this equipment:

It's worth noting that import equipment prices have recently been trending upwards.

We also recommend paying attention to the more advanced and compact Bluetooth 3.0 enabled GSM modem Quectel M26.

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