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The Best Ways to Make Money by Registering, Promoting, and Selling Accounts

It may seem that nothing can be simpler than registering a new account. But when you face this process often and in large volumes, you start to grieve about the time spent on buying new phone numbers, the registration process itself, developing and promoting the new account. And since there are burdensome but necessary responsibilities, it means you can organize making money by registering accounts to make life easier for other people and earn good money.

In this article, we describe the two most significant approaches to the phenomenon in question. By the way, in both cases, you will need phone numbers to register new profiles. But buying real SIM cards is very expensive, just like purchasing ready-made accounts. The most profitable way is to use disposable virtual numbers for registrations. We recommend using the anonymous and 100% reliable SMS activator Grizzly SMS, which will allow you to inexpensively create any number of working accounts on any platforms.

Making Money by Selling Accounts on Social Media and Messengers

The scheme is straightforward: you need to invest your time in creating an account and a community based on it, increase the number of subscribers, and sell it with a 2-4 times markup. There are several essential aspects to this business.

Where is it best to create communities for subsequent sale?

It is recommended to work with the most popular platforms such as:

  • Telegram;
  • Making money on an Instagram account;
  • TikTok;
  • YouTube.

How to quickly create and configure a channel?

For a quick launch, it is recommended to choose a platform you like and create a channel or page there. For example, start making money on Telegram accounts, create a channel in the messenger, and choose a popular topic like "making money and investing." Find articles on this topic on the Internet and publish them on your channel. Don't forget to create a beautiful logo.

Where can you increase subscribers?

There are many services on the internet for increasing subscribers, which will help increase revenue from reselling accounts. But it is important to remember that some of them may be unprofitable. It is best to look for wholesalers in order to save on the cost of increasing subscribers.

How much can you earn?

With an account that costs only $0.3, you can earn from $2.5 to $12 by selling it. With the right approach and large volumes, you can earn $600-$1300 thousand per month or even more.

Making money by creating accounts using this scheme is quite simple, and you can start with small investments. For example, investing only $10, creating two Telegram channels and one Instagram account, you can sell them for $40. After that, you can use the formed capital to create 10 communities and resell them afterwards.

It is important to remember to maintain a natural look of the community by also increasing likes and views. People buying such communities realize that they have an inflated audience, but for their own reasons, do not want to spend time developing from scratch.

Where to sell?

A user who already knows how to quickly increase the audience in communities and channels, and also knows how to increase the number of subscribers, should pay attention to specialized exchanges for selling such assets.Before doing so, it is recommended to study the range and prices of other users on these exchanges.

It is important to note that sometimes communities are sold instantly, even within the first day. However, in some cases, it may take a little time to find a buyer, even a few days or a week. If you have many communities on different topics, they will sell more often. In this regard, working with foreign exchanges can be more profitable since the market there is much larger, and communities sell faster.

On foreign exchanges, such as,,,, earning money on a YouTube account can be higher, which makes this market more attractive for selling. The need to know the language can be bypassed using browser translators.

As for the content for foreign communities, it can be taken from foreign sites or use a Google Translate.

Making Money from Gaming Accounts

Making money from game accounts is an interesting and promising way to generate income in the world of video games. This method involves creating a new game profile, leveling it up to a certain level or rank, and then selling it for a reward. The following games are best suited for this earning scheme:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): Selling accounts with achieving a high rank like Global Elite can earn the owner about $12. To increase profits, it is recommended to use the FACEIT platform where achieving a certain level and amount of points can increase the account's value to $40.
  • Dota 2: The account's value depends on the MMR rating. For example, an account with a 6000 MMR rating can be sold for about $80. However, accumulating such a rating will require a significant number of gameplay hours, so earning money boosting accounts will not start immediately.
  • League of Legends: High-level accounts in this game can be sold for around $23. It is also worth considering that access to some characters is unlocked only after reaching a certain level which makes such accounts even more attractive to buyers.
  • Fortnite: Although the game is less popular in this niche, accounts with a high rating can be sold for about $23.

Getting Started Earning Money on Game Accounts

For players with low gameplay skills, there is an opportunity to earn by buying and reselling accounts with a small markup. However, this requires paying attention to a few nuances:

  • Buying stolen accounts is unwise since they can be returned to their legitimate owners at any time, so earning money on Genshin accounts will not work.
  • It is necessary to analyze the market and set a competitive price for purchased accounts.
  • To get started, you will need a certain amount of money to buy the first accounts.

Where to Sell and Buy Accounts

Selling accounts can be done on third-party resources or specialized forums. The following sites are suitable for this purpose:

  • FunPay. This is a large service where you can sell both accounts and in-game items (this additionally provides an option such as earning money boosting game accounts). Money withdrawal is possible to various electronic and bank cards.
  • ANYLVL. A specialized service for selling CS:GO and Dota 2 game accounts. The service's employees buy accounts from users for subsequent resale.

How to increase the likelihood of a sale?

To increase the chances of successfully selling an account, it is important to follow a few obvious tips:

  • Polite communication with customers. Always provide assistance to buyers in case any questions arise – this helps improve the seller's reputation and increases revenue from accounts.
  • Make understandable and transparent sale offers. This will help attract buyers and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Is it worth leveling up accounts?

This process has its pros and cons:


  • The ability to do what you love and earn money.
  • Relatively low costs to get started.
  • An exciting pastime.

Disadvantages (negative impact on earning money on game accounts):

  • It takes a significant amount of time to level up an account.
  • The need to find a reliable platform for selling accounts.
  • The player's skill level can significantly affect the account leveling speed.
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